AdSense image ads spotted on Orkut


Orkut shows AdSense Ads in certain selective pages. Actually, its in very rare cases, we can see Ads in Orkut.
And all these days we had seen only text ads that were blent so nicely to the Orkut theme. And all the ads open in new window when some one clicks on it.

Today morning, as I was checking my Orkut account, I spotted an image ad in my Orkut homepage.

Here is the screen shot…


Recently, we had spoted New AdSense Ad format β€” Widget Ads in our blog. And we had also written an article about AdSense Ad feature β€” Google Checkout symbol.

And we are also ready with some more screen shots of AdSense Ads shown on our blog, with many different fonts. So please stay tuned, we shall be publishing it shortly.

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