AdSense Video Unit goes Live in INDIA


AdSense Video units are now live in India.


Enhance your site with high quality, relevant video content from select YouTube partners, and earn extra revenue along the way.

Relevant, Premium Content

Deliver high quality video content to your site. Choose categories, individual YouTube partners, or have Google target your site’s content.

Targeted, Non-Intrusive Ads

Earn revenue from relevant, user-friendly ads targeted to your site and to the videos being played.

Enhanced User Experience

Attract and retain users with highly relevant, frequently refreshed video from popular content providers.

Customizable Players

Customize the color theme and layout of the player to best fit your site.

Now you may have a question in your mind. How will Google share the revenue?

The answer is, the revenue will be shared between the Content owner(who has uploaded the video–the owner of the video), the publisher and Google.

Here is an example of Google AdSense Video Unit…

The maximum number of each type of Ad unit that AdSense
program policies allow:
1. you can display:ONE video unit (currently only available in specific countries and
2. TWO…- AdSense for search boxes
3. THREE…- standard AdSense for content ad units,
4. THREE link units.
You can place all of these on one page. But keep user experience in mind.
Hope Indian’s will surly make use of this opportunity appropriately and earn maximum, by showing their creativity in creating video content. Lets see in the coming days, what will this revolution mean to Indian publishers.

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