Super Charge Your Mind and Soul


We have been getting lot of emails about the article Supercharge your brain with regular meditation, so we thought to write about it again. Please read that article, if you had not read it before.

We have seen and/or experienced ourselves that, many times we can’t work to our full potential. We have the ability to do certain things, but are usually not able to do it. All these things happen due to indiscipline in our lifestyle. We getup late with lazy feeling and we think bad about our office or college(if we have gotup early to attend our office or college). Feeling Good, enhances our ability to work, and feeling bad will surly get us some more bad things, as we are passionate in feeling bad!
We are not the human beings experiencing the spirituality, but we are the spiritual beings experiencing the humanity.

To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self. Meditation is not about doing something, rather it is all about doing nothing; just being in silence, experiencing sheer emptiness and enjoying it.

Yes its all about If you feel joy while you are hearing a music, do it. If you feel that state of joy while you do swimming, then do it. We should start enjoying all our works, then only we can say that meditation has made our life better. We can feel the joy in every work we do.
So meditation, is a must thing for every human being. We can attain this state of mind(of feeling joy) by regularly practicing the meditation. I feel joy while I am blogging, so I think I need to blog more, to feel that joy. We should never consider attending work place or our college as pain(strain or stress), this will bring us more of pain, as our mind will already be set to feel that pain when we attend the office or college. Just try to enjoy, until your mind is set to enjoy it automatically.
You need not try to find time to do meditation, just enjoy every activity you do, and it will have the meditation effect.
Do you know, 1hr meditation is equal to 4hrs of deep(sound) sleep. Hope you remember the benefits of good sleep.

Regular meditation, sleeping well and eating well will bring peace of mind, good health, and will supercharge your mind and soul. And you can stay happy longer. You can enjoy the bliss, within yourselves. Mind has enormous powers, using it, we can achieve almost anything in this universe. So do not neglect, do not under estimate yourself and do not postpone things, just start following this meditation technique and observe the changes within you and the enhancement in your work.

Please share some of the things that you do, inorder to keep your mind and soul supercharged.

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