Merry Christmas — Winners of the Giveaway Announced


Merry Christmas to all of you..and an advance Happy New Year.


We are excited to announce the winners of our 200$ giveaway.

1. First of all, thanks for all who wrote about the contest on their blog and helped us spread the words around.

2. We also want to thank all our participants.

3. Almost 30% of the people were not qualified for the contest, as they forgot to verify their subscription.

We randomly choose 4 lucky winners and have already sent a mail to them, requesting 125 x 125 ad banners and the link.

So here are the winners..

1. Amit Banerjee

2. 123FeedReader

3. Digisteps

4. StyleIcon9

Congrats to all the winners.

We have sent email to all our winners and waiting for the reply, to know your real name and URL of your blog.

This was our first giveaway(Very small giveaway) on this blog and we learn’t a lot with this contest. So we will comeup with new and improved(with better gifts) giveaway soon.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy Happy New Year to all of you.

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas — Winners of the Giveaway Announced”

    1. @Amit Banerjee, Congrats Amit. I visited your blog. I liked the design very much. And the contents are also very interesting. Keepup the good work. Merry Christmas.

      @TJ, Thanks for participating. Merry Christmas.

  1. Hello Satish,

    I am glad that I won the giveaway.But unfortunatly I lost my blog 🙁

    I had read one of your blog post about GPC shuttingdown, and my blog was using GPC and its almost removed.I just don’t want to promot it anymore further.
    I am (busy)in building a blog using wp(self hosted).I will be back with my new blog banner soon.

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