What is the perfect time to start any of your projects?


Technotip.org was started on 18th June 2008. And I had the plan of starting it from the end of 2007 itself, but I was not able to start working for it, as I had my exams, college farewell, parties etc. So I thought of postponing it to 2008. But in the beginning of 2008, usually we will be busy in our college project works and studies. In March, April and May, we will be having our practical, project and theory exams.

So I again postponed it and finally fixed a  date. I wanted to start working for my blog after all our exams.

But while studying for the exams, I use to always think of building the blog, its design aspects, adverting etc and wasted hell lot of time. And when all our exams were finally finished, I wanted to have break. I wanted to go to some hilly region for refreshment and all my friends also forced me to join them(I also wanted to go).

But after the trip I realized that, I would never get a perfect time to start the blog. It was on that day, I gotup from my bed and started working for my blog. I had already registered my domain name and hosting from Yahoo!(which I later transferred to Doreo ).

Like this, I have many friends who also want to start a blog(after seeing my first cheque from Google AdSense), but they say that, their perfect time has not yet arrived! They want their exam results to be announced first. And then they want to goto seat selection of their new college for their master degree, after that they would be having time to start blog, and they say that, that’s the best time to start, as they will not be having any problems.

But I think, there will be no time in our life time, where we can predict a near future and say confidently that, on these days I will not be having any problems.

round-led-digital-clockAs I think, my friends will surly need some extra time to get settled in their new college. After that, they will be busy in impressing their new lecturers and classmates.  And they need time to complete their college assignments, mini-projects, and they need time to flurt with their new friends, in the name of helping them in completing their assignments and projects. By the time, they remember about the blog, their College Internal exams starts. They get busy again, and after that they wait for the results again. After the results they think that, the score is too low, and they need to start studying hard from that day itself to score good marks in the next Internal exams(but for refreshment after the first internals, they go for a movie). Like this their final exams come closer and they will surly never find a perfect time to start the blog!

This is not only the case with students. This holds good even for people working at a factory or office. They will not start a blog, if they postpone(till they start getting a salary hike!).

And this also holds good, with things other than Blogging. Let it be your personal work…If you have a plan of taking your family out for a picnic, and keep waiting for a perfect time to arrive, then that time may go out of your hand.

I know that, we can’t do any work in a hurry. It needs a proper planning and smart execution. But postponing it, just because of some usual reason is not a good idea.

Adjust according to the available time, rather than waiting for the time to adjust with your schedule.

We can goto a trip on Sunday, rather than giving a bad reason like, “I am tired dear”, to your partner.

And I know that, for students, studies is more important than anything else. But if s/he is really interested in blogging, then they should move forward on any holiday orelse they many not get time in their life.

So what I think, is, in most of the cases, the perfect time is today. And we must take a step or two towards any of our set goals today itself. Let the step be slow, but keep moving, never stop, until the destiny is reached.

This holds good for all the goals that you set in your life and not only for blogging.

Hope you have heard the (in)famous saying, ” Slow and Steady Wins the Race “.

Invest atleast 30minutes or at the least 10 minutes to work for your personal goals daily. This would keep your inbuilt, hidden or hid talents alive.

In big companies like Google, they give their employees time to work on their personal projects.

Working on your personal projects(goals) will really enhance your abilities over time and you can become more confident about your ability.

So invest your precious time towards your personal goals, and better to start working for it from today, rather than to wait for your lucky day(or the perfect day) to come.

Success is what time can decide, but I am sure that, no success will come unless you start.

This is what I felt like, when some of my friends told me about their desire to start a blog and are not having time to do so(in their entire holiday!). And this was also my personal experience, once upon a time. But you may have a different story to tell. Please share all your thoughts and experiences in the comment section..

5 thoughts on “What is the perfect time to start any of your projects?”

  1. I have lot interest in blogging but the problem is i am not able to write long articles 🙁 . Can you tell me how to improve my writing skills, to write long articles ?

  2. @dolly, There is no right or wrong here. It is a matter of style and suitability for the topic you cover. There are blogs out there that just publish really long posts, and they do just fine. Check StevePavlina.com, he publishes essays not posts…

    This is his style, and it is suitable for his topic (personal development).

    Here on Technotip.org, we tend to have a mix. Mostly short posts with info and quick tips, and a longer and more structured post once in a while. It is working fine.

    Gadget blogs tend to have only short posts, and they are immensely popular.

    As you can see it is a matter of finding your style and what works on your niche. Aim for quality and not quantity though. A longer post is worthless if it has no ideas or interesting concepts inside it.

    And finally what I can say is, first start the blog(with minimum knowledge, by reading about it in some other blogs) and you will automatically know your skills, when you start writing.
    Actually, the articles go longer and longer in the beginning, we need to edit it a lot to shorten. It requires more skill to write short yet useful and informative articles, than the longer ones.

  3. Can’t agree more…

    There’s never a wrong time to start the right thing !!!.And after all,blogging is thrilling besides being a small money machine…:)

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