AdSense for Feeds, is rolled over to all publishers


With frequent hints from  Feedburner, today all publishers account got AdSense for Feed in their account. Previously it was available only to some selective AdSense publishers.

I was excited to start using it, but when I rushed to “get started”, I saw a message that said- “You have no feeds in your account yet.”

After that I realized that, our feeds must be first migrated from our old feeds to Google.

I already have my feedburner account and I wanted to transfer it to Google, and that was too easy to do….

Just drop an email to with the following details…

  • Your FeedBurner account username
  • The Google Account email address you use to sign in to AdSense

I wrote to Google with the following Subject “Migrate all of my feeds, from to Google “, to make sure that my email is read.

Thats it, all your feeds will be migrated to Google.

Some of the features of AdSense for Feeds are…


We can choose the color, image only/image and text/text only ads, Frequency of the ads to appear,Post length, Position of the ad etc.

Here are some of the screen shots…



Hope this will bring some value to those who publish full feed, like And hope this will bring in some extra income to all publishers. And as always, thanks to Google…

“Happy Independence Day to India & Pakistan —  Aug 15th.”

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