Feedburner Chicklet after Migration


Have you observed the change in the Feedburner Chicklet, after your feeds have been migrated from feedburner to Google?
technotip-feed-ChickletPreviously you could see the label “By Feedburner”. After the migration, that label has been marked with black color, making it almost not visible.
But I feel that, Google would have easily changed the image and labeled it “By Google”. Hope they are not so serious about their brand name! or they may be hard at work in changing this simple image!

As far as my observation, Google had never been left behind in branding, promoting its products, let it be a payed one or the free service. Its brand name “Google” itself brings more value and focus of many people around the world.

Hope Google will soon do something to this Chicklet image, and use it to brand themselves with the Free feed service.

Have you observed the changes in the Chicklet? And have you experienced any other changes after the migration? please share it with us in the comment section.

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