Sold HTC SmartPhone For Rs. 5000


Yes I sold my HTC p3452 for Rs. 5k Initially I decided to buy HTC because iPhone is too costly in India.

I loved the phone. As always, there were some flaws and I wanted change!


Things I dint like about my HTC phone:
1. Worst battery backup. It dint last even for 12hrs 🙁 With mp3 or WiFi, I could use the phone for 4 to 5 hours max.
2. It was locked to Vodafone! Well, I knew there will be ways to unlock it for other operators. After installing some software, it did work with all operators. But sometimes it needed restart, which again took considerable amount of battery power.
3. Touch screen sensitivity wasn’t satisfactorily built. Messaging was freakingly annoying. The small screen(2.8 inches) of the device made it even more difficult to navigate and to operate the phone.
4. Overall performance of the device was very poor. Slow processing.
5. Couldn’t play mp4 videos (and still this phone is called smart phone!)
6. It had “Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional”, but I wanted android.
7. 2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels: Camera quality Sucks! No HD video recording.
8. (Don’t) Touch Screen: Doesn’t work when operated with fingers. We have to use the stylus ……… and it works when operated with nails!
9. Data cable provided with the device never worked. I had to use my camcorders data cable.
10. You have to use the phone with the original company settings and software. If you make more changes, i.e., try to over customize and start installing more 3rd party software, then the device acts as if it’s dead. It slows down the entire device, hangs, takes time even to restart 🙁

For all these reasons, I wanted a new phone. And it’s smart phone era and there are many smart phones with competitive price tag, especially after the advent of android.

But the device had a sexy look, good pouch, not that bad to use for making and receiving calls: if used with original company settings.

Keeping all these in mind, I offered the phone to one of my friend’s friend for Rs. 5000 and he immediately agreed and bought it. Before purchasing he asked a question: Why are you selling it?
Instead of telling, “I want to buy a new phone”. I told all these above demerits, straight forward. But he was already sold to the sexy design of HTC p3452. He is a average user and his main requirements are calls and style! He can use this phone to make and receive calls, and the phone looks great.

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