Resetting HTC touch 3452 and 3450


Coming straight to the point, here are some simple steps to reset HTC 3452 and 3450 phones.

1. Click on “Start” menu, in the Today screen.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Now you can see 3 tabs on the screen -> “Personal“, “System“, “Connections“.
4. Click on “System” tab.
5. Here you can see many icons like About, Backlight,Clock&Alarms,External GPS, Clear Storage etc.
6. Click on “Clear Storage” icon.
7. Now it will ask for your confirmation. Here is the exact message that is showing on my device right now:

Clear Storage:
Clear storage will make all of your data lost, and reset all settings to manufacturer default.
Do you want to proceed?
Please enter the following word “1234” and press YES button.

8. If you are sure and want to reset the settings, go ahead and enter 1234 and the phone will reset and restart by itself.
9. When the phone restarts, it will ask for the time zone, time, date etc.

HTC Touch 3452 and 3450
HTC Touch 3452 and 3450

Another simple way to reset the phone is..

There is a small reset button inside a small hole(as shown in the above figure, with pink circle), beside the charger point. Use your stylus and press it gently, to soft-reset your device. Device will restart and ask for time zone, time, date etc. And the phone will be restored to manufacturer default settings.

After each reset it will automatically customize the device, so there is really no need to worry about the settings after restoring the mobile. Its a user friendly phone.

All the data would be be careful.
If you know some more tips, please feel free to share it will us in the comment section below.

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  2. @RAGHU, For battery problems there are two reasons: one is, some application you have installed might be using the phone resources too much and the second reason is, there is a problem in the battery itself.

    So, formate the entire phone along with the memory card and check for restored phone for a week. If the problem persists, then change the battery.

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