Blue Screen of Death — On HTC touch 3452


One of my friend also own a HTC Touch 3452 and he had read my blog and was knowing that I also have the same phone.

He had trouble restoring his phone to factory settings. Last week we had written an article about “Resetting HTC touch 3452 and 3450“. He was very happy after seeing the article on our blog and rushed to format his phone.

While formatting / restoring he remembered that his Memory Card was still inside the phone! So he again rushed to remove the card before the phone restarted automatically(after confirming the restore activity).
To his shock, after the phone got restarted it started showing a blue screen(similar to that we see in Windows computer OS, when there are some major errors!).

He was in a hurry so I couldn’t get a screen shot of it. The blue screen had a message that, he should not remove the battery while the phone restarts and it said to click on the “Yes” option(there were two options “YES” and “NO” on the screen) to continue the booting of the device.
But to his surprise when he clicked on the “Yes” button with his stylus, it never responded to the touch. He had tried all other means like, using the top most button to switch OFF/ON the phone, removing the battery and putting it back. But nothing had worked. He was tensed and finally called mobile service center, but they never responded to his problem but instead told him to submit the phone to their service center and they would test it for a week and tell him the result 🙁
Obviously no one likes his personal phone to be in someone’s hand so long!

Simple solution to this problem is….there are 2 buttons on the phone, below the screen. Its main function is “accepting”(in green colour) and “rejecting”(in red colour) calls. Just press the green colour button and the device will restart by itself and everything will work normally from then.

As the device is a touch screen phone with no external keypads in it, people tend to forget two keys present on the phone. In the above case, as the OS has not yet loaded, so the touch functionality also wont be working. So we need to work using the minimum keys present on the device.

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