Change The Color of Adsense Ad On Each Refresh!


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Q: Can you please share the PHP program that you use to alternate the adsense ad’s Title color, Background color, link color for each refresh. I have been trying to accomplish this using PHP; Is there a plugin to accomplish this easily? And I’m also afrid, isn’t it against Google TOS – altering the adsense code ?

Yes, altering adsense code is against Google TOS. But I’m neither editing adsense code nor am I using any PHP coding to accomplish this. All I use is a simple adsense feature that is enabled in all adsense publisher account.

While creating an ad you can select the color Palette from the existing color Palettes or create your own. You can then hold CTRL key on your keyboard and select multiple color palettes. And these color schemes will be applied alternatively to the adsense ad.


You can do the same by editing the already existing ad code.
Goto Adsense Setup tab -> Manage Ads -> now click on the edit Ad Settings link infront of the desired ad.

Custom Palette:
For creating custom color palettes: Log into your adsense account. Click on AdSense Setup tab -> Color Palettes.


Do the customization, give a name to your customized palette, save it. This custom Palette will be shown when you edit or create an ad.
Tip: Blend the ad pattern with the design/color of your website and it performs better.

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