Free Hosting + Free Domain from DreamHost — Hurry!!


This offer seems to be unbelievable! But its by DreamHost, and its a valid offer.

Note: This offer is valid only for the first 1000 GeoCities users. So do not waste your time. Read the complete step-by-step explanation below and hurry up to register an account with DreamHost.
With this offer you will get a 2 year plan (which would otherwise cost $214.80) hosting totally free from DreamHost!

1. Copy and paste below code into a text editor and save it with the name promo.html (not a mandatory name, used just to illustrate)
<html>Dream HostI'm off to DreamHost!</html>

or else

Just right click on this index.html link and click “save Link as“, rename it as promo.html and then upload the file to your geocities account.

2. Log into your geocities account.

3. Click on “Manage” tab.

4. Now click on “Easy Upload” link.

5. Use the Browse button and select the promo.html file that you had created in step 1. Click Upload Files.

Dream Host part:
6. Go to Dream Host Signup page.

7. Click on “Host a domain“(as low as $5.95/month) link.

8. In the “I would like to pre-pay…” section, select “Two Years” plan ($214.80 ($8.95/month), 18% discount + no setup).

9. Next goto “Configure my first domain…” section and select the first option –> “Register a new .com/net/org/info domain for me. (Free with hosting.)

10. In the same “Configure my first domain..” section, pick a new available domain name @ “Pick First Domain to Host: www” . Remember, its irreversible. We can not modify the domain after we are done with the application.
Also pick a UserName in the same section – “Pick First Server Username“.

11. Fill the contact info @ “My contact information…” .

12.Finally…” Give the link of this article/post in the “How did you first hear about us?” section. please πŸ™‚

13. Here is the important thing:
In this section – “If you have a promotional code to redeem, or would like to let us know the email address of the person who referred you to DreamHost, please enter it here:” enter the URL of your geocities page with the promo.html page(which you created in the step 1 and uploaded in step 5 πŸ™‚ )

14. Check the “I agree” option and hit “Proceed to Payment” button.

You will receive a confirmation email from Dream Host, and a invoice which reads “All paid up – Thank You!” . are done with 2 years of Free hosting with Dream Host + a Free Domain Name registered in your name!

NOTE: If you have a @ symbol in your geocities URL then you should replace it with %40 symbol. For more info, read 57th and 60th comment of this article.

What Dream Host promise on their blog is:

In honor of WebRing” or something, we are now offering to the first 1000 GeoCities users who sign up TWO YEARS of a completely free DreamHost account (including domain registration)!

No strings attached.

All you have to do is verify you are an existing GeoCities customer by creating a page on your GeoCities account (or editing an existing page) to have the phrase β€œI’m off to DreamHost!” on it!

Then when you signup for us, simply put the full URL to that page as your β€œpromotional code” and you’ll get a 2 year plan (normally $214.80) free!

And we promise to never shut down.

With this Free account, you will get Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, and unlimited FTP Accounts. What else can you get for FREE πŸ™‚

Another important thing to clarify:
Question is : Can I move my other existing domain to this free dreamhost offer ?

Yes, you definitely can!
Go ahead and move your other blogs in πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot for the help guys: Arpit, Amit, Harsh Agrawal.

100 thoughts on “Free Hosting + Free Domain from DreamHost — Hurry!!”

  1. Whoa, such an excellent offer. I don’t have a geocities account, they ask for a html page only. So should find a way to get someone’s extra geocities domain page.. would be appreciated if you have an extra account or so πŸ™‚

    1. @Rockstar Sid, Yes they only ask to update a page inside geocities a/c, so you can get help of anybody with an extra a/c.
      Sorry I don’t have any extra a/c, will inform you if any of my friends has.

      @Narayanan Hariharan, Glad to know that it helped. You are lucky to get your friends a/c.

      I had never imagined that my geocities a/c, which will be closed by Yahoo! shortly would be of such a great value πŸ™‚

  2. i did as instructed, tried both options, but an error comes up as follows
    Please fix the error below…
    Promo code error: We couldn’t find the string “I’m off to DreamHost!” at that URL to verify your ownership!

  3. @Tinu Cleatus, Glad to know that it worked for you. Cheers πŸ™‚

    @Vikas SN, Having a DH a/c is not a problem. You can use your geocities a/c and can register another domain and hosting for Free. Just try it. All the Best!

  4. I tried that, it didnt work either. I discovered why -It seems that the curly apostrophe in β€œI’m” should be the plain apostrophe.
    when you change it, it works fine. Thanks

  5. @Tom, What I have uploaded is what worked for me. I have not changed anything in it.
    Anyway, happy to know that some minor modifications worked for you. Congrats. And thanks for your comments. It will surly help people with similar problem.

  6. Got my free Dreamhost account. Settled for two years now! ;D

    BTW, I was told that you need to have the string – “I’m off to DreamHost!” WITH the double quotation marks. πŸ™‚

  7. @Vasu, @Sidharth Vijayan, @zeqox, Hope you will get the confirmation email from DH soon. I think many people have applied for this offer, so there is a delay in approval. @Sidharth Vijaya, yes you will get a free domain too. Cheers.

    @Santosh, Thanks for the comment. It will help others with similar problem. Btw, I could register without those quotation marks πŸ™‚

  8. @Bhaskar, Congrats. I am happy that you could get this offer by following these instructions.

    Your comments confirms that these steps work πŸ™‚

    @Hemanth Kumar, I am not sure about the number of a/c that we can apply for. It would be better, if you can email DH support and ask this.

  9. Hey guys, I am getting the error message:

    “Promo code error: We couldn’t find the string “I’m off to DreamHost!” at that URL to verify your ownership!”

    I tried removing the quotation marks and everything.Does that mean the 1000 accounts have been taken?

    Some one help

  10. Those of you who are still waiting for confirmation emails, send an email to dreamhost support. It seems that it is told so on their wiki. I got my account confirmed after doing so.

  11. @Arvind, If they are giving the error β€œPromo code error: We couldn’t find the string β€œI’m off to DreamHost!” at that URL to verify your ownership!”, that means the offer is still valid!

    Do as directed in this post. And do not use the file name as index.html, because it creates two pages with the same content(index.html and the homepage) – its not an issue I guess, but still nothing to loose in trying. So its better, you use some other file name and use that single URL in the promo code field.

    I too and many others too had got this error message and after trying 5 to 6 times, my account got created!

    If nothing works, try to contact DreamHost Support, with your geocities URL. All-the-Best. And please comment here about your luck πŸ™‚

  12. @Simran, DreamHost is popular for its unbelievable offers! But this one is incredible.

    @Vasu, Send an email to dreamhost support, as suggested by @Tinu Cleatus (24th comment).Hope this will solve your problem.

  13. @Amit Banerjee, Domain name is very important. Almost all the one word and two word domains have been taken πŸ™ So we need to be careful and take some time while selecting the domain. Your comment alerts my mind about the importance of a good domain name. Good Luck for all your Ventures.

    @Tinu Cleatus, Special thanks to you. Your comment is the answer for many people’s question here.

  14. @Amit Banerjee

    They have option to register domain later too. I first got the hosting and after that registered the domain later. It was very difficult task for me to get a domain as all the good domains are already registered πŸ™

  15. Thank you
    I contacted the support team with my geocities url
    Account activated after 8 hrs
    Got my domain name too

    Great post satish
    thank you very much

  16. @Amit Banerjee, Yes its working Amit. Just now I tried with one of my friends a/c and we registered with a dreamhost sub-domain and after approval of his DH a/c we registered the new domain for FREE.

    @Harsh Agrawal, Thanks for letting me know about this offer. The signup procedure seemed to be confusing, so I thought it would be helpful if step-by-step procedure is written. I am glad that many people grabbed this offer.

    NOTE TO ALL: Yesterday when we tried to register an a/c with DH, using this offer, it gave us a message that already 1000 members have used this offer and the offer is now expired. But to my surprise, we could signup for an a/c, using this same offer just some minutes back. So go ahead and register your a/c as soon as possible.

  17. Thanks Satish, just now i have registered for free webhosting and domain registration successfully, but DreamHost gave free domain registration for only 1 year.

    Thanks a lot man.

  18. @Hariharakumar, Yes you are right. The domain is registered for 1 year now. But we can extend it next year, for another year or we can register another domain(for free).

    Here is what Dream Host has to say about it:

    “Note, although your new hosting plan is for two years, you probably
    noticed we only registered your domain for one year at this time.
    This is so after a year you can choose a different domain to be your
    free registration if you’d like. You can also of course choose to
    keep this domain as your free registration and will receive email
    reminders when the time to renew is approaching!”

  19. @Hariharakumar, I too got the same error in the beginning.

    Solution is, click on the easy install mode — to collapse the window, if its open. Now select WordPress in “advanced mode” and fill all the remaining areas like DataBase name and location to install WordPress etc and click submit. With in seconds DreamHost Robot will send you an email with further instructions. With in 2 to 3 clicks you can install WordPress after receiving the email. Cheers!

    I was too lazy to install WordPress on my new website. Inorder to reply to your query I just installed the WordPress, theme and even some plugins! So Happy to help, and to get helped myself πŸ˜‰

  20. @Simran, Visited your new blog buddy. It looks great. You already have a lot of contents. Hope you moved from blogger.
    Wish to see your blog growing to greater heights.

  21. @Simran : Good to Know that .I will try it soon .Hope The Free Transfer do not have a Time Limit.

    @ Satish : Regarding comment number 34 I think We have to register a New domain and After that We can propagate that Free offer limit to that New One … Ok I will do that …Thanks for the Update man ! You Rock !!

  22. @hariharkumar : I too had problems Finding the database Panel In Dreamhost. But Its easy and will take 10 mins.

    Look for the Goodies in the left Sidebar. Select “one click Installs”. Just create a database name and hit the Install WordPress Button. WordPress will be Installed and once its done You will get a Reply email from Dreamhost.

    I hope that Helps

  23. for the last few days, I am very much attched with this blog πŸ™‚
    Thank you for th tip
    I got my 2 yrs account
    If you use gtalk, just send me an add request for the email id which was used in comments

    Thank you satish!

  24. @elyass, Hope you have setup the a/c and have not received the confirmation email from DH. If that is the case, then email DH support (also see comment no 24). Most of them had similar problem, but everything solved after contacting DH support. So I wish you good luck with it πŸ˜‰

  25. @dyatmika, Glad that you could make use of this offer.

    @Hariharakumar, Yes. This offer is a magic box for many people who don’t have credit card or enough money to start a blog or website. For others its a motivation to start a blog. As you said, its a wonderful opportunity to everyone of us. I am trying to make this post reach as many people(mainly those who are still blogging at blogger and other free hosting sites) as possible. Hope that helps.

  26. @ro, As suggest by @Tinu Cleatus(in comment no 24), try to contact Dream Host support about it, as soon as possible. Because this offer may come to an end at any time!

  27. Satish, thanks for the post. πŸ™‚ and i registered new domain name+hosting with dreamhost today at 3:00pm. I’m waiting for my account activation. let’s see how things proceed further. πŸ™‚

  28. i’m received this


    Thank you for writing in to support.

    Sorry for the delay in getting your account setup. There looks to have
    been a bit of a snag in the account creation, which is why I have
    escalated your support ticket to our billing department. We’re going to
    need to have a manager review your account status and recent payment to
    authorize an account approval. We appreciate your patience throughout
    this matter.

    Please know that we will attend to your ticket as soon as our billing
    department is back in the office, so let me know if you have any
    questions in the meantime.


  29. @Hariharakumar, I am more than happy for you. Thanks for linking to this article. I read your first post on your blog.
    I will be still happy, to see you succeed in blogging. Please never give up, keep blogging, you can rock. All the best.

    @Mahesh, Hope the delay is due to Sunday! (I am not sure).
    If you don’t get the email by tomorrow, just drop them a line without fail. Many people have reported here that, they instantly got their a/c activated after contacting DH Support team. All the Best.

  30. @ro, Hope your a/c activation will be done when their billing
    department is back in the office..I think they will be back on Monday.

    @Balaji, For the first time I am seeing such geocities URL. Hope this comes only with rocketmail and ymail !

    All other a/c’s are having
    This should be addressed by DreamHost guys itself.
    You try to contact DH orelse I will do it on your behalf.

  31. @Balaji: Sorry for the hassle, but you’ll need to replace the “@” symbol in your URL with “%40” (but without the quotes) when you’re typing it into the “promotional code” box on the signup page. If you continue to have any troubles with this please contact DreamHost technical support.

  32. @Balaji, These days its hard to find a good domain name, but luckily you have found one. I will be eager to visit your blog and read the articles once your blog is up and running. I wish you a great success. Cheers

  33. Mate Technology DNA will be a auto blog that is it fetched news from all the good tech blog’s available in the web and display contents in it….
    Mean whil i will quit of blogging with two months think so…
    Sine my final year diploma exams coming close next year whose marks determines my admission for studies in engineering in a good college mate…
    What’s your reply……..

    1. @Balaji, I wouldn’t suggest to build a blog that fetches the feed from other blogs for its contents.
      Instead you can use adsense for domain or any such monetizing technique, until you finish your diploma exams. After finishing your exams, you can brainstorm about the things that you are passionate about and then you can start a blog.
      I strongly feel that, inorder to succeed with a blog we need to provide value to our readers.. All the best for your exams and online venture.

  34. @satish
    i get this message:

    Note, although your new hosting plan is for two years, you probably
    noticed we only registered your domain for one year at this time.
    This is so after a year you can choose a different domain to be your
    free registration if you’d like. You can also of course choose to
    keep this domain as your free registration and will receive email
    reminders when the time to renew is approaching!

    any thxx you DH and
    kekek.. πŸ™‚

    1. @ro, @elyass, that message means that you have got 2 years of free hosting, but your domain name has been registered only for one year. After one year you can choose another free domain or you can continue using this same domain for free(for one more year = Totally 2 years).
      Anyway, congrats.

      @masdapit, you are always welcome. Happy to know that, this article helped you.

  35. Mate i will not be able to concentrate on blogging for a year mate due to final year exams and projects so only i am planning on auto blogs or something like that….
    Else can you give me an alternative idea with the domain which does not need much work for it….

    1. @Balaji, I don’t have any idea, where there is no hard work.
      At most, you can setup a forum. But still it requires someone to moderate it and to keep the forum active.

      Best thing would be, to write about 25 to 30 articles about a particular topic(very narrow niche) and monetize the blog with some ad network and leave it like that for a year. So that you keep getting some traffic and money! and PageRank also increases due to the age of the blog. If you can write about very targeted and famous topics then you may get good search engine traffic.

    1. @Tinu Cleatus, It depends on the topic of your blog too!
      If you put adsense ads on a blog that is writen about software companies and IT stuffs, it will yield much income.
      On the other hand, if you think of posting some random stuffs and to get search engine traffic, then Chitika would be the best option.
      But anyway, I think adsense is better for a new blog. Other ad network may not earn a penny for new blogs.

      And one more thing, try to concentrate more on the content in the beginning. Once you have good traffic, try to experiment with different ad networks and then stay with the once that provide maximum. No 2 blogs are same and you can’t just tell which ad network may work well for a blog.

  36. Satish i just want to ask you one question, are you hosting your site on DreamHost? if so how much you are paying monthly for hosting? I think its too high for a new blogger when he is not earning money from his site even to satisfy his web hosting needs. What do you say? how much you earn from your site? are you able to save it even after paying for web hosting?

  37. @Tinu Cleatus, You are always Welcome.

    @Hariharakumar, I am not hosting this blog on DreamHost. I host this blog with Doreo. I have some other projects where I am using DreamHost.

    And as far as I know and as per my own experience, its difficult for a new blogger to pay for domain and hosting. I was in the same situation for 2 months after the launch of this blog. But after that I was able to pay for it without any problem.
    Now just part of my income is being payed for hosting this blog. I am planing to write about my income some day soon. I have a small target, on reaching which I will write a detailed article about the income and my strategies.

  38. Promo code error: We’re sorry, 1000 Geocities Refugees have already signed up with DreamHost!


    Thnx for info.

  39. @xoul, Sad to know that!

    But I recommend you to try registering after some time. Because we had got the same message once, but after sometime we could again register without any problem. Read 34th comment.
    I can’t guarantee you, but it doesn’t hurt to try. All-the-Best

  40. Surely by now this deal is expired? I suppose so…I read comment 34 but it seems no one has had any success with this offer recently. Too bad, but thanks for mentioning it — next time I shouldn’t delay!

  41. @LPN Nurse, you are too late for this offer. Many people took advantage of this offer when this offer was available.

    We will keep updating with such awesome offers, so keep coming back.

  42. And I highly recommend Doreo Host and HostGator for all kinds of your hosting needs.

    Here are the best coupon codes:

    Doreo HostClick here for promo code.
    HostGator — Choose any hosting plane and enter “TechnotipDOTorg“(without quotes) to get $9.94 off. If you purchase basic plane of $10, then also you will get $9.94 discount.

    So grab the opportunity.

  43. Thanks for the update Satish! It is great to know you are still keeping up on the coupons and giving us all a great way to save a few dollars. Long live Technotip! πŸ™‚

  44. So DreamHost did it again!

    1 year hosting for just $9.24!
    Time sensitive: New Customers Only. Not available in all regions.
    (Hurry, sale ends 2/23/2011 at 11:59PM PST!)

    Happy President’s Day!

    If there’s two things we love at DreamHost, it’s our customers and every American president ever!
    Save over $110 on web hosting and receive unlimited disk space and bandwidth!
    Sign up today for a risk-free trial of a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code “777” and you’ll get an entire year of web hosting (including a domain registration) for just $9.24! That’s 92% off our normal pricing!

    Try your luck!
    Best of luck.

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