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This post has been taken from one of the Google’s official website. We have just tried to explain it in more simpler way. We just wanted to put some light on this topic and wanted to spread the message.So here we go…

Today we shall see how we can replace or redirect Public Service Ad ( PSA ) of AdSense effectively. By specifying a color, image, HTML page, or ad server of your choice, you can make sure that your advertising space is always being used effectively.
PSA are shown because, there are no relevant advertisements to be shown on your blog or you are violating certain rules set by Google Adsense.
Lets believe that we all have good contents, keywords and following all rules in our blog, but still there are  chances of PSA being shown on our blog, in some other country. Because, there may not be any ads configured to show in some regions. Lets say that, some ads may work in United States, but may show Public Service Ads in India. This is because, Google AdWord players can select certain regions to display their ads. This is called Geo-targeting.
So lets see, what we can do to make sure that there are no PSA displayed in our blog, in any country.

Alternate Ads Guide

Log into your AdSense account, click on setup tab. Choose AdSense for Content. There choose either Ad Unit or Link Unit and click Continue. Now you will get the option to show alternate Ads for PSA.


1. Color: Choose a color from the color picker(or enter any hexadecimal color code) and it will show the solid color when there are no ads to serve. Best practice would be, to choose the same color as the background of your website, so that the ad block seem to disappear.

2. Image or non- clickable image ad: If you’d like to use an image as your alternate ad, click the Show non-Google Ad from another URL radio button and enter the fully defined URL of the image in the Alternate ad text box. A fully defined URL is one that includes the http:// and ends with the image file name. Make sure that the image has the same dimensions as that of your ad slot.or else the images would be croped to the right and bottom edges.

For example:

For an ad with 250X250 dimension, choose an image exactly of 250X250.

Using this method, we can show some messages like “Subscribe to” in image format and we can encourage them to comeback again.

3. HTML page or clickable image ad: Below image is a self explanatory tutorial….

Open a text editor (Ex:- notepad) and follow below image for coding your own HTML page.


  • Use absolute URLs: Use absolute URLs when you’re coding this HTML page. An absolute URL is one that includes the entire, fully-defined path. This ensures that you won’t run into any errors when placing the code on various pages of your site.
  • Use target="_top": this code tells your browser which window to use when loading the destination page of your clickable image.Specifying the HTML page as your alternate ad

Now save the code with the extension .html (Ex:- alternate_250x150.html) and upload it to your server or to anywhere which is accessible from internet.(But for faster access upload it to the server where your website is hosted).

In the alternate ads text box, simply enter the fully defined path of the saved HTML page.

For example:

Click Continue to add your alternate ad selection to the code in your publisher account.

Using this technique we can show some referral ads or affiliate ads or we can even generate some image ads and connect it to some of the popular articles inside our site itself.

4. Collapsing ad units:

Collapsing ad units are an optional advanced feature of alternate ads — the collapsing ad unit code will ‘collapse’ your ad unit so that it takes up no page space if there are no targeted ads available. This allows you to minimize any blank space that would otherwise occur through the use of alternate colors, as the content around the ad unit will shift up to fill the empty space.

Below are the steps to implement this:

  1. Download the collapsing ad units file by right-clicking the link below and selecting Save Target as..
  2. Copy this file to any location on your domain. Important: if you are running ads on multiple domains or subdomains, you will need to host this file on each of your domains and subdomains in order to use the collapsing ad units feature.
  3. In the Alternate Ads URL text box, enter the fully defined path to the collapsing ad units HTML file on your domain. For example:
  4. Click Continue.

Remember that, if you are using the ad codes in more than one website, then you need to upload this google_adsense_script.html file to all the servers, in order to use it.

Ex:- The file

google_adsense_script.html is at

can not be used at

you should upload it to before using it there.

This would solve and make use of each of your adspace(filled with AdSense) effectively.

And at, we have left one big 300×250 adSpot without any alternate ads.Because we would like to show our support to Public Service Ads.

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