Microsoft’s Bing got blown away by Google’s Wave!


I read an interesting article at Techcrunch today, where they have explained the way Google cheered the developers group with the announcement of its 2 years project Google Wave, which excited developers more than Microsoft’s, not yet live, decision engine Bing!

You can watch the videos below to get the preview of Google’s Wave and Microsoft’s Brand New Decision Engine BING!

Microsoft’s Decision Engine BING! :

Microsoft trying to make fun of Google Search:(I feel its just fun!)

The next Big thing on the internet: Google’s Wave

Microsoft has been testing its new search engine with the code name called “Kumo“. Now this new name “Bing” seem to be better, short name which can be spelled by international audience. But the funny thing is, people in twitter and other places are calling BING as – “But It’s Not Google!”. Its funny, but remember its Microsoft, so it has the potential to do innovation(atleast to certain extent!). Lets wait and give it a try before trying to prejudice(Prejudice is Opinion Without Judgment!)

Google Wave is a open source project and developers are already submitting their info, inorder to get the invitation to start playing with the API. Its basically integration of almost all the web2.0 resources.
People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more over it has a real time communication channel(which can be turned off). And we can make our waves public or private. Public waves are crawl able by search engines.
Anyway, we will be waiting to test both these, different services and will share more things in the future. Mean while feel free to share your thoughts about “Google”, “Microsoft”, “BING” and “Wave”.

7 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Bing got blown away by Google’s Wave!”

  1. Thanks for your clear information.But what is the difference about all these search engine.
    But I think google is the best and guarenteed .
    WHY ? Answer is that google display the latest information compared with the other search engine or same ?

  2. I have tried Bing and am quite satisfied. This can be a hit considering the uniqueness of the project and user experience. The developers have coupled many good features with Bing.

    Meanwhile, Google came up with Google squared which is also quite catching up well with the users. There’s an intense search engine war going on here.

  3. Million of users worldwide shall benfit from such competition since what we aim is to find the information. Anyway I think that Yahoo folks and Google folks will keep on their development too and thus we benifit.

    ‘BING = But It’s Not Google’ is a hilarious note yet this is microsoft 🙂

  4. BING = But It’s Not Google — that’s great! 🙂 Another example of Microsoft getting PWNED. I haven’t thought Bing was terrible, but there’s very little there to make me want to switch from Google. I agree competition is a good thing but for now, Google is King of the Search Engines and no one else is really close.

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