Adsense Cheque Received via Blue Dart


After a long wait, we received the Adsense cheque from Blue Dart. It arrived nicely packed with Google India, Hyderabad office seal on it! We really miss those Singapore, Buffalo and New York seal πŸ™‚
The tracking code is now available in all Indian publishers adsense account and can be found in their payment history link, if they are eligible for payment.

AdSense Account > Payment History > Payment Issued – Details

Here is the full mail which adsense team sent to us:


We’d like to inform you that your most recent AdSense check has been shipped via Blue Dart. You can now find a Blue Dart tracking number in your AdSense account. For your convenience, we’ve also included this tracking number here: XXXXXXXXXXX.

You can use this number to track your payment at . Please contact your local Blue Dart office if you have any questions.

Thanks for your patience.


The Google AdSense Team

Note that, Blue Dart had informed Adsense team that they are unable to reach some of the publishers as they have invalid address!

Here is the exact email from Adsense team, that some of my friends received:


We are in the process of delivering your recent AdSense payment via Blue
Dart. However, Blue Dart has informed us that they are unable to deliver
to the address currently listed in your AdSense account. We therefore ask
that you update your address by following these steps:

1. Log in to your AdSense account
2. Click on the ‘My Account’ tab
3. Click the ‘Payee Information [edit]’ link
4. Edit the appropriate fields
5. Click ‘Save Changes’

Once you have made the changes, please contact Blue Dart to ensure proper
delivery of your payment.

So please double check your address and make sure everything is upto date.

As this is the first time adsense cheque delivery from Blue Dart, it had some issues(late delivery) and we hope that it will not happen in the future. I think Blue Dart had not expected such a huge number of adsense publishers in India πŸ™‚ . Thanks for Google for making this service free of cost. And the best thing about Blue Dart is, we can track our cheque by using the tracking code in our adsense account and searching for it in bluedart.

If you guys are waiting for your cheque then make sure your address is upto date. And if everyone else got the cheque except you, then the reason may be..Blue Dart is not able to service all areas throughout India. If you live in a location they don’t service, your check will be sent by Registered Post and should reach you within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.
More chances that your cheque is on the way. Have a great week end. Cheers!

19 thoughts on “Adsense Cheque Received via Blue Dart”

  1. Who said it came in a nicely packed envelope ? You didn’t saw it clearly.

    Adsense check package was shocking dude :O

    Important details like client id, Check no. and Payment Amt. were clearly visible in the address column without opening the envelope.

    This hurts our privacy.

    1. @Mayur, I can understand your feelings. But hey my cheque was packed neatly in a big cover and it was stapled at one end(along with the cheque) so that people can’t move the cheque inside it and see for the info that you mentioned above. Hope they missed to staple yours

  2. @Mayur

    I dont think its a big problem, they are door delivered by Courier service(they take costumer signature and their mobile number if delivered) and not by registered post. If you dont receive you can lodge a complaint to Google and request your cheque again.

  3. Aaye haye, ka bekar packing thi, my post man was lookin at me with an evil smile. I dont understand why Googly doesnt offer PayPal, karna chahiye unhe man.

  4. @Mayur, I think my package was stapled(along with cheque) by mistake πŸ™‚ , So I felt that adsense check was nicely packed!
    Yes, privacy must be of primary concern to Google. They must do something to fix this.

    @Chintoo, Yae, Paypal is a good option. For Indian publishers they have not even granted Western Union Money Transfer!. I am not sure whether there is any political or legal reasons behind this!

    I feel that Google could have retained the “express delivery” option along with the standard mail and Blue-dart service, So that people can chose according to their convenience. For example, people earning a lot may have privacy as their first preference and ofcourse they may not feel paying an extra 25$ a heavy amount.

  5. I have asked for payment for the first time and awaiting it!!. It’s pretty exciting to get money from Google.Well, Satish I need some help regarding this as how to withdraw the money.

    Finally, I am waiting to read a post about the adsense earnings you earn from this blog….:)

  6. @Rohit, Yes its very exciting to get the money for the first time, from Google.

    Withdrawing is very simple. Cheque will be sent in your name, so you need to have a bank(any bank) account with the same name and address, as on the cheque. The cheque can be used only to deposit the amount to your bank account and you can’t directly withdraw the amount using the cheque(for security reasons). Once the money is transferred from Google’s citibank(most probably) account to your bank account, you can withdraw the money! It may take around 1 week for the transfer and around 50Rs in service charge for the transfer, as of now.

    And about my adsense earnings, its not that big yet πŸ™‚ Will surly share about earnings in a post shortly. Thanks for your interest.

  7. bluedart is not available all over is not sending to some many adsense publishers are not getting checks.

    i didnt got my may 2009 check untill now

  8. @crazy blogger, Blue Dart is not able to service all areas throughout India. If you live in a location they don’t service, your check will be sent by Registered Post and should reach you within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.
    If its more than 2 months wait, then it is better to request another cheque. Make sure that there is no hold on your account!

  9. Google said they issued my payment on July 27. But there is no tracking number of Payment history page. There is only a “statement of earnings” link which shows just name/customer id, from/to, amount, US$ to INR equivalent etc. There is no tracking number.

    As of now, I am still confused, from where is my cheque coming? Indian office or USA office? LoL πŸ™‚ this is my first cheque, hence all this tensed questions…

  10. BlueDart is only good if you are in Metro Cities, and it plain sucks when it comes to far off places. The address that has been found for 18 years by all other courier guys is stamped as “Address not found” by BlueDart. The most irritating part is, BlueDart guys say the address is incomplete because there is no phone number, and Google doesn’t seem to be printing phone number on the address. Once in every two months, my cheque is returned to Hyderabad; and being dependent on this income, this is plain painful!

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