Microsoft Testing Kumo! – Rumoured to be new Search Engine


Microsoft is trying all possible ways to get a prominent share in Online Search Market! With its failure in acquiring Yahoo!(which is much of a failure of Yahoo! 🙂 ), Microsoft is said to be hard at work implementing a new search product by name Kumo. Kumo is a Japanese word, meaning cloud and spider. Its still in its testing face and the code name is Kumo, and nothing sure that the new search product will be named as Kumo. Infact is not even accessible to public and is only available inside its corporate network.[One thing is sure that is registered by Microsoft, so the story becomes even stronger 🙂 ]

Source:kara.allthingsd Kumo screen shot — Click to enlarge
Kumo may be a new search algorithm that Microsoft is testing to implement in its live search or it may be just trying to re-brand its live search by making some changes to its live search(with new name). But we are not expecting the same old wine in the new bottle..for GOD’s sake or for Microsoft’s sake!

Have to wait and see whether Microsoft can play any new game or change the existing game! as Google had done with its entry into the search market.

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  1. @Raju, It would be nice to see big guys like Yahoo and Microsoft competing with Adsense!
    But unfortunately, Yahoo’s YPN is still available only for US publishers. Microsoft’s Adcenter is closed for publishers 🙁

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