+1 For You, By Google! [SEO]

In direct compitition with Facebook LIKE button, but with a even bigger impact, if executed as expected by Google.

Basically, Google will start showing this “+1” button for it’s adword ads, search results and eventually let websites/blogs add these “+1” buttons and help share/recommend good content to your friends or your “Social Circle“.

Source: Google Blog

If you are a webmaster and want to get invitation to get these +1 buttons for your site/blog, then signup for this newsletter from webmasters site.

Social Circle
Google Social Search helps you discover relevant content from your social connections, a set of your online friends and contacts. Content from your friends and acquaintances is sometimes more relevant and meaningful to you than content from any random person. For example, an online movie review is useful, but a movie review from your best friend can be even better.

Well, since this +1 signal will be one of the signal in determining the page rank or SERP position, some people will surely get prepared to trick it. Now have to wait and watch Google’s strategy to block it and give genuine search results and to be fair with the adword ads ranking.

Add Google Language Translator To Your Website: AJAX

No more playing with API. No more complex hacks.

We all know how weird translations these automated translator tools can make. But still we use machines for translation when there are no human beings sitting beside us for translating the wisdom words!

If you are into content publishing, it doesn’t make sense to skip/ignore the majority of non-English speaking audience.

We have analyzed our analytics data and we realize how important this Google Translation can be interms of traffic. Not everyone will be using Google Chrome which automatically asks for language translation when you visit a website written in some other language than the one set default for your browser.

After analyzing our blog’s analytics, we found that, people are less likely to translate and read theoretical stuffs, rather they will translate and read stuffs which are practical and solve their pressing problems.
Ex: If someone wants to install this Google Language Translator on their website, then they are more likely to translate this page and read it in their language and try to implement it. But if I only talk about how important the Language translation tool is, then people are less likely to translate and read. Hope you get the point.

The how-to’s kind of articles are more often read even though it’s in other languages. Because, people are not much worried about the language and the fluency, rather they want to know the easy steps to get some work done immediately.

1-2-3 steps to install AJAX Google Language Translator on your blog
1. Visit Google Language Translator page.
2. Configure the script as you wish.

You can select the translation of only a particular section of your blog/website, like the content section and leave off the sidebar, header and footer.
You can select the placement of the translator tool, which appears on your blog/website.


and make sure to include your Google Analytics web property ID, so that you can track the translations and the geography of the translation request etc data.
3. Add the javascript code to your blog and you are done.

Way To Sponsored Tweets: BuySellAds

Ever since the talks started around the web regarding monetizing Twitter and the apps which are built around twitter, Sponsored Tweets has been hot topic!

We also tried Sponsored tweets and we were somewhat successful with it: Guide To Make Money Via Twitter: We Hate Spam Too!

But if you have been making money online, then you know the risk of depending on only one source of income. It is the same for advertisers too. They can’t rely on banner ads only. So BuySellAds might have thought of giving another popular option for advertisers.

As sponsored tweets concept has been controversial ever since its inception. But what BSA is doing right is, it’s giving full control in the hands of advertisers and publishers. Advertiser can select twitterer’s based on some criteria and publisher will decide if he or she wants to send out that tweet or not.

One other interesting thing is, the minimum amount per tweet is $10; and you can fix anything above this.
This makes it interesting, as some of the blogs charge as low as $10 to $15 for banner ads, and now they are having the opportunity to earn $10+ per tweet!

This also makes sure, the advertisers are mostly big players and mostly have better product.

We have to wait and see how successful BSA will be with this new advertising format.

Note: All the sponsored tweets will be forced to include Ad in it. Hence the disclosure.

Want to know how to get more Twitter followers ?
Then you would love reading this: 60+ Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Animate your story or create a video slideshow: YouTube

YouTube has made creating memorable slideshow’s and video’s even easier by integrating GoAnimate, Stupeflix Video Maker and Xtranormal Movie Maker.

Now capturing/creating that nostalgic moments of your life, like, the last day of your college, college trips or family trips or your baby’s birthday or anniversary slideshows or videos is at your finger tips.

Goto http://www.youtube.com/create click on your favorite app and authorize it. Now create your slideshow or remix video and directly publish it via your YouTube account.




To revoke any unintentional authorization, goto “My Videos” -> “Account Settings” -> “Authorized Sites” Manage third-party access to your YouTube account.

Adsense Ads With New Label

This is a quick short post about the upcoming changes in the adsense ads.
Hope you have noticed the “i” icon that expands to an “Ads by Google” label in the bottom corner of some of the adsense ads. This icon will soon change to an arrow icon which expands to show “AdChoices” label.



Here is an except from Google blog:

We’ll soon start to change our in-ads notice icon to a new icon that expands to an “AdChoices” label. These notifications were developed by the online advertising industry’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising to more proactively give users notice and choice about the ads they see. With the change from our “i” icon and “Ads by Google” label to these new notifications, we hope to show our support for this cross-industry initiative, and to increase our users’ understanding about ad choices through adoption of an icon they’ll see on ads across the web.

Source: Adsense blog

Move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org in 1 click

Ok, well, it may not be just 1 click, but I intended to convey the ease with which you could now transfer your WordPress.com blog to your self-hosted blog i.e., WordPress.org

The Deal
Today WordPress introduced “Guided Transfers to .org” feature inside your WordPress.com account where your WordPress.com blog would be transferred to your self-hosted server, for a one-time fee of $99


You will need to choose from the list of WordPress recommended hosting service providers!!
So, this brings-in affiliate fee to WordPress and they will be relieving from the load they had on WordPress.com to their webhost partner!

Keep in mind, you will have to keep paying for your hosting company regularly after the move. People who are very new to selfhosting may think that this is a one time payment. But it’s not.

WordPress is taking $99 fee for moving your blog(and installing WordPress on your hosting account, and to install some plugins, themes and some configurations); after the move you have to keep paying your hosting company. After the move, WordPress.com will not host any of your files and all files will be hosted by your hosting company, to which your blog is moved to.

Will traffic be moved to new location ?
If you were not using custom domain(domain mapping) at WordPress.com then to move the traffic you will again need to use their Redirection package, which costs around $99 per month.

Will my WordPress.com Email subscribers be moved to selfhosted blog ?
The straight forward answer is ‘NO”. Because there is no such feature in WordPress.org that is equivalent to WordPress.com’s email subscription. So, at the movement, this is not possible.

Not to forget, they also provide support for 2 weeks. Not a bad deal.

Pay Credit Card Bill via Online Banking System

I know many people who are making their Credit Card payment via cheque / Demand Draft etc, even though they have enabled online banking facility!
The problem is, they don’t know how to pay their Credit Card bill via their bank’s online banking system.


I applied for Credit Card and got it just some days back and as it is my first experience with Credit Card, I myself struggled a bit to figure out things. The problem is, there are no proper documentation available. In my bank’s help page they have given details to log into my account and called that documentation as ‘How To Pay your Credit Card Bill via Online Banking’ #funny #bank

Here is the procedure:
1. Log into your online bank account.
2. Navigate to ‘Bill Payments’ section.
3. Under ‘Add’ tab -> Select a biller: All India Billers or ‘Add Biller’.
Bill Payments -> Manage Biller -> ‘Add’ tab.
4. Select the biller Name. (Here select your Bank service)
Ex: If you have SBI credit card, then select “SBI Cards and Payment Service Pvt. Ltd”.
5. Click on ‘Go’!
6. Now, Register biller details, like ‘Nike Name’, Credit Card Number.
7. Submit

Now paying Your Credit Card Bill.. the bill of Credit Card that you just added to your online bank account.
1. Navigate to “Bill Payments”
2. Goto “View/Pay Bills”
3. Goto “Without bill” tab.
4. Select “Biller Name”
5. “Pay Bill”
6. Now it will ask for the amount to be payed, Schedule the payment or pay now and the Remarks.
7. Submit.

That’s it. You are done. Now sit back and wait for 3 to 4 working days to pass for this high speed transaction to be processed!!
If you have enabled SMS / email alerts then you will immediately receive payment alerts.

If something goes wrong in the process, then keep calm and remember “everybody does mistake and it’s natural’. Now dial your customer care and talk to them.

Let me know, if you found out something the hard way regarding your bank account, credit card, debit card, online banking, demat account etc. That would be very helpful to all of us and we really appreciate you for taking time to write.

And also, let me know how you use your online banking account.

Use below comment section.

Get Enchanted!

Anybody can register a company and start selling their product online or offline. But the problem is, not every company is enchanting.

Who is Guy Kawasaki and why you should care ?
Guy Kawasaki is the former chief evangelist of Apple. He is also the co-founder of Alltop.com(an online magazine rack of popular topics on the Web) and a founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures. His nine previous book include the international bestseller “The Art of the Start”, as well as “Reality Check” and “The Macintosh Way”. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA. He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and four children.


My Review:
I was very enchanted after reading this book, and I wrote a detailed review but later on stumbled upon a presentation video of Guy Kawasaki which covered a lot of things which I was pointing to in my review. So I thought, I would give you some pointers to things which I loved the most in this book. And please make sure you watch the presentation video of Guy, which I have embedded below in this review article(RSS subscribers will have to visit the site to watch it.)

Some of the biggest takeaway for me from this book:
1. “You need to convince people to dream the same dream that you do.”
2. “Keep it short, they’ll ask if they are interested.”
3. “The goal of premortems is to prevent the potential problems in order to increase the likelihood of success.
Premortems: Identification of the problems in advance rather than after they occur.
4. The first follower is what transforms the lone nut into a leader.

5. The power of Data.
Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset

Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen

6. YouTube: I got some biggest tips about producing YouTube videos: To keep the intro to minimum or remove it!
7. Wrong use of social proof:
“Twenty-five million people are killing themselves by smoking” could convince folks that smoking is OK because 25 million people do it!

8. Presentation: This is one of the best part I got in this book. It includes some awesome, simple tips for delivering an Enchanting presentation. (page no: 115)

With every theory, Guy gives more than one practical example to prove the point. Showcasing social proof and as he tells “don’t fall for the example of one”.

Well, one thing to point: in page no 48-49
The company name of “Tata” comes from its founder “Jamsedji Tata”. And yes, “Tata” means “grandfather” in Kannada(regional language of Karnataka – Bengaluru )

Biggest Business takeaway for me from this book:
1. Enchant clients.
2. Premortum.
3. Deliver Bad News Early.
4. Whom not to enchant.




Chapter 1: Why Enchantment ?
Chapter 2: How to Achieve Likability
Chapter 3: How to Achieve Trustworthiness
Chapter 4: How to Prepare
Chapter 5: How to Launch
Chapter 6: How to Overcome Resistance
Chapter 7: How to Make Enchantment Endure
Chapter 8: How to Use Push Technology
Chapter 9: How to Use Pull Technology
Chapter 10: How to Enchant Your Employees
Chapter 11: How to Enchant Your Boss
Chapter 12: How to Resist Enchantment

Can’t wait to get a glimpse of this book ?
Watch this presentation from Guy Kawasaki which covers most of the topics covered in the book, in brief.

As I told before, I had written a long review of this book and before publishing stumbled upon this awesome presentation. Please watch it fully, without fail.

This is the full, one-hour version of Guy’s Enchantment speech at Stanford

How this book helped me
With every new release of Apple products I always wondered, who might be the marketing genius behind these launches ? Ofcourse, it’s Steve Jobs. After reading this book, I understand, there’s something more than Marketing, and that is “Enchantment”.

Guy explains every bit about creating a company as Enchanting as Apple, Virgin or Zappos.

I have a small online project lined up and I wanted to recommend users to read one book, i.e., Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People“. But now, I have to recommend two books, and yes the other book is Guy’s “Enchantment – The art of changing hearts, minds, and actions“.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who want to Enchant someone.

“Read this book to create a company as enchanting as Apple.”
– Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple

Why you must buy this book ?
Because it is “the best” resource for creating a company that enchants. And it has excerpts from many other books. Guy has read many books, taken notes and has given condensed form of these books, hence reducing our effort to read all those books!

If you have a company and if you don’t read this book, then I guess, it would cost you a lot.

1. Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.
2. Guy Kawasaki’s “Enchantment – The art of changing hearts, minds, and actions“.