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It is notable that, the majority of internet users are from non-English speaking community. Thus, its important to take care of non-English speaking visitors.

The most popular free Web-based language translation tools are offered by Google, AltaVista Babelfish and WorldLingo and some other wordpress plugins.

But all these services may not provoid 100% perfect translation. But we can relay on Google Translator, as there is an option where anybody can suggest the correct translations, in case Google Translator has translated wrongly. So we can say that, Google Translator is a constantly improving service.

Implementing Google Translator:

Just copy and paste the code to your wordpress blog, wherever you want the translator tool to appear.

<table id=webtable><tr><td>
<img src="" border="0" alt="Translate" /></td>
<form action=""><input type=hidden name=u id=url value="<?php the_permalink() ?>" dir=ltr> <select size="4" name=langpair>
<option value="en|ar">Arabic</option>
<option value="en|bg">Bulgarian</option>
<option value="en|zh-TW">Chinese-Traditional</option>
<option value="en|hr">Croatian</option>
<option value="en|cs">Czech</option>
<option value="en|da">Danish</option>
<option value="en|nl">Dutch</option>
<option value="en|fi">Finnish</option>
<option value="en|fr">French</option>
<option value="en|de">German</option>
<option value="en|el">Greek</option>
<option value="en|hi">Hindi</option>
<option value="en|it">Italian</option>
<option value="en|pt">Portuguese</option>
<option value="en|zh-CN">Chinese-Simplified</option>
<option value="en|ja" selected>Japanese</option>
<option value="en|ru">Russian</option>
<option value="en|es">Spanish</option>
<option value="en|ko">Korean</option>
<option value="en|no">Norwegian</option>
<option value="en|pl">Polish</option>
<option value="en|ro">Romanian</option>
<option value="en|sv">Swedish</option>
<input type=hidden name=hl value="en"><input type=hidden name=ie value="UTF8"><input type=submit value="Translate"></form></td></tr></table>

If you are using then just replace < ?php the_permalink() ?> with < $BlogItemPermalinkUrl$> from the code and it should work fine with blogspot.

Google Translator can translate English to / from Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese-Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese-Simplified, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish.
The above list and the above code will be updated, as and when Google adds some new languages into its language translation tool.

We have implemented this tool in our blog too, and its working fine. And there are many visitors to this blog, from non-English speaking countries(as per Google-analytics report).
You can test this tool in our blog. We have placed it in the right side sidebar, with the heading “TRANSLATOR”. Below is a screen shot….


Note the changes that occurs after you add this translation tool to your blog/website. And please share your research and opinions about adding translation tools to your blogs / websites.

And if you have any problem implementing this tool, then please let us know about the problem in the comment section of this article, and we shall try our best to help you implement it.

12 thoughts on “Add Language Translation to your Website”

  1. @Lanna, There is an inbuilt option for Language translation in
    Just goto Setttings -> Basic –> there enable the last option and save the settings.
    orelse replace < ?php the_permalink() ?> with < $BlogItemPermalinkUrl$> from the above code and it should work fine with blogspot.

    I have not used blogspot much. I wrote this article keeping wordpress users in my mind.

  2. Just stubled on this post….great find… you are in my geeks list

    for those who get an error message you may have to manually replace
    with the permalink structure of your blog.
    I got an error message so i thought it might be useful to others

    had some problems……..showing some error messages
    url is invalid :http://_/?php%20the_permalink()%20?_

    please suggest

    great work satish.Keep Up

  3. Thanks Amit for stumbling the article.

    And I don’t think you should change the permalink for any reason. Just copy and paste the code in your wordpress site and it should work fine.

    Please try using the same code, without modification and please reply if its working or not.

  4. No satish .it is not working for me… .used your default code but it showed error message.tried for a workaround but nothing helped

    My blogs permalink is :

    I have also tried by deactivating my permalink redirect and used the default and then implementing the code but the same error message is eating my head.

    I am using the google translator and really want to switch over to your translator as it has no outbound links.


  5. Does not work for me either. Pity. Get the following error

    Sorry, this URL is invalid


    Any solutions? Tried adding it to a text widget in my WP v2.6 Sidebar. currently usig the Structure Magazine WP Theme.

    Tried enclosing the html in pre, code tags.. but no luck.

    The culprit that appears to cause the error is the line of php referring to the permalink.


  6. Thanks for posting this tutorial. I’m in the process of planning for a redesign of my own blog and being able to offer up translations of my site is a huge bonus.I was really searching for something like this, as my blog is having Portuguese visitors too. I think I am gonna give it a try. Thanks anyway

  7. Hi, i tried your code by adding on my side bar in text, it doesnt appear translator, it only appears the text that we paste, please help on this for me,. thanks

  8. I’m using Google translator and it was working fine for a while. It would translate a website into English automatically. Now I’m getting a message “There was an error translating this page.” I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no change. Help! Thanks

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