Way To Sponsored Tweets: BuySellAds


Ever since the talks started around the web regarding monetizing Twitter and the apps which are built around twitter, Sponsored Tweets has been hot topic!

We also tried Sponsored tweets and we were somewhat successful with it: Guide To Make Money Via Twitter: We Hate Spam Too!

But if you have been making money online, then you know the risk of depending on only one source of income. It is the same for advertisers too. They can’t rely on banner ads only. So BuySellAds might have thought of giving another popular option for advertisers.

As sponsored tweets concept has been controversial ever since its inception. But what BSA is doing right is, it’s giving full control in the hands of advertisers and publishers. Advertiser can select twitterer’s based on some criteria and publisher will decide if he or she wants to send out that tweet or not.

One other interesting thing is, the minimum amount per tweet is $10; and you can fix anything above this.
This makes it interesting, as some of the blogs charge as low as $10 to $15 for banner ads, and now they are having the opportunity to earn $10+ per tweet!

This also makes sure, the advertisers are mostly big players and mostly have better product.

We have to wait and see how successful BSA will be with this new advertising format.

Note: All the sponsored tweets will be forced to include Ad in it. Hence the disclosure.

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