10 Platinum Ways How Digital Electronic Signatures Have Altered Business And Corporate Dealings For The Better

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Mull over the last decade and you’d witness that a vast majority of business and corporate processes have shifted to a more technologically rich environment – the World Wide Web – and that too at an astounding rate.

Today, over a billion people worldwide are investing progressively in business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and even government-to-consumer (G2C) processes on the Internet, which has become the ultimate breeding ground for various business brands.

With the emergence of fully automated processes, things have become even more convenient. Similarly, electronic signatures have enabled various business transactions online to be approved, accepted or signed without turning towards the traditional – rather more costly – ways of paper-based hand signatures.

Electronic signatures offer a paper-free way to digitally sign a document using a verified electronic symbol [image] or process associated with a document. To understand the process better, check out the ten platinum ways that have minimized much of our everyday business problems or issues pertaining to the driving an e-business more smoothly and productively:


1. With the automation of the verification or signing process using electronic signatures, it offers a more easy way to execute various transaction processes online and reduce the time it, otherwise, takes for businesses, governments, and citizens to make any sales or purchase orders, gather any management approval or even apply for a government program or job online.

2. You can easily execute any business deal or perhaps sign an important legal document sitting in one corner of the world across another safely and securely.

3. You can sign documents frequently and transfer it online. If, for instance, the technical security (such as encryption on transporting data online using the Internet) or your organization’s internal security (such as for clearing gateways) is breached, hacked or failed to offer the essential security, your data can fall in wrong hands and consequently, misused or mishandled for selfish gains. However, with electronic signatures, your documents are completely processed in a secure and automated environment.

4. Traditional paper documents are manually analyzed or carried out with limited computer support; however, unencrypted digital signatures can be analyzed in a completely computerized way, without any third party involvement of any sort.

5. Electronic signatures can confirm the identity of the signer, verify the genuineness of a document, and also enable non-repudiation from the legal perspective.

6. For business transactions, these electronic signatures can offer a greater efficiency and fast turnaround, while eliminate any costly printing requirements including paper cost, or time consumed in fixing typing errors. You can accelerate sales, track all business contracts in real-time, and also automatically store and manage all the signed agreements in a secure vault maintained virtually.

The manual process involves painstakingly going through the process of purchasing paper and that too of high quality, getting the document printed on it, then signing it manually and sending it via fax or scanning it and then emailing it and vice versa when received by the party. Not to mention the high maintenance charges that your printer, scanner and fax machines takes…to simplify the calculation, digital electronic signatures can reduce this entire process and cut down your expenditures cost to thousands of dollar per annum – that’s almost 70% of cost cut down for you. The cost of sending each item is virtually NOTHING! No paper cost, no stamps, no envelops or fax paper. Instead of relying on expensive courier services.

7. Many laws and regulations have been made in attempt to address the effectiveness of electronic signatures in order to accommodate any technology changes over time since, by all means, this digital process offers more flexibility depending on the assurance-level requirements for any particular business or personal work execution or deployment. A bill was passed by the US government to legalize this digital signing process in order to authorize contracts electronically, rather than people relying on handwritten signatures.

This isn’t just limited to the US, legislations concerning the validity of digital electronic signatures have been passed in the European Union and the European Economic Area, China, Switzerland, Turkey, Korea, New Zealand, Moldova, Peru, India, Russian Federation, Guatemala, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Uruguay, Japan, Philippines, Switzerland, and also United Nations Commission on
International Trade Law.

8. Using electronic signature capabilities, your organization can bring in more of the traditional paper-based processes online, reduce business costs, and invest the amount saved on more productive ways to expand the business. Where time is money, imagine all the valuable ways to expend this time that you can save and conquer heights of success and business prosperity.

9. Not only this, this process use highly advanced and 100% secure means which leads to gathering trust of more customers or key stakeholders and hence increase customer satisfaction owing to the sense of their information’s authenticity and integrity that you provide them with. The process involves information being delivered from one party to another, one desk to another or even one country to another without any human involvement. No one can, hence, copy the signature and use it for malicious self-desires by some third party intrusion.

10. Companies can easily dispatch product notices, bank balance statements, and other disclosures to their customers via the Internet in substitute to the time-taking postal

If you haven’t switched to this innovative and highly-advanced process of document signing yet, you’re missing out on many added benefits that you can otherwise seek with process of digital electronic signatures.

Author Bio:
Anna Stacy has in-depth knowledge and experience of Electronic signatures solutions. Her basic forte lies within process optimization and process re-engineering, and has a long-term obsession with e-sign. She is a leading source of what’s hot and what’s not in the online digital signature space.

Professional IT Services For Financial Services Industry

Professional IT Services Can Help Companies in the Financial Services Industry Handle IT Security Issues

Businesses in the financial services have strict requirements to protect their clients’ data from unauthorized access and loss. By working with a professional IT services firm can provide the necessary systems to secure data and prevent data loss.


Companies in the financial industry constantly manage and collect sensitive customer information such as addresses and bank account details. This is why customers have high expectations when it comes to the type of security that these businesses provide. According to the Ponemon Institute, the finance industry has the second highest churn or turnover rate – the rate that a business industry loses customers who were directly affected by data breach events. The inability to meet client expectations can cause customers to take their business elsewhere.

IT services enable financial industry businesses to prevent data breach and eventual profit loss by performing risk assessment and implementing systems for intrusion detection and prevention. In risk assessment, the IT environment is analyzed for weak points such as inadequate end-user policy for employees, while prompt intruder detection ensures that the IT environment is able to detect unauthorized data access.

This is done through the implementation of strict end-user policies and messaging security systems. These policies include the implementation of encryption codes in the IT environment preventing data loss, theft and other types of security breach. Secure messaging protocols on the other hand, secures communications and networks by ensuring that no one from the company divulges sensitive company information through emails and other forms of communications.

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information at AllCovered.com.

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AnyWho: Legit Uses for Reverse Call Look Up

Reverse phone look up is a service that many phone users tend to overlook. In fact, many forget that it even exists. However, the service has a few great uses, and can be an excellent tool when dealing with any of the following:

Do you have one number that repeatedly calls you, and you are pretty sure – judging by the 1-800 number – that it is a telemarketer? Well, instead of subjecting yourself to a sales pitch before begging to be put on a no-call list, look that number up using Anywho.com. With a quick click of the mouse, you’ll have the company’s name, and you’ll be able to add yourself to their no call list online without having to speak to anyone. And if the company continues to call you, you’ll have its info to turn over to the Better Business Bureau.

Nights Out
Ever have a great night out only to wake up to a phone number scrawled on the back of your business card or on a cocktail napkin? Wondered who the person was whose number you received? Instead of having to call the person and asking awkward questions to get a name, you can simply enter the number into Anywho. You’ll get their name and address and then be able to scope them out of Facebook to determine whether or not they are worth your time.

Prank Callers
If you have a number that repeatedly calls you and then hangs up, reverse phone look-up the number immediately. While prank-callers have greatly reduced their antics since the inception of Caller-ID, there are still those that do it and it can be highly annoying. Instead of being called on repeat at 3:00 AM, look the number up, and the send the caller’s info to the local police.

Random Write Downs
Do you frequently find numbers written in your own handwriting across the tops of random papers or on post-its? Don’t feel comfortable giving these numbers a call to discover who is on the other end? Reverse phone look up the number. You may find that it was your dentists personal number that you forgot to enter into your phone or a co-worker’s number you jotted down a few days ago without attaching it to their name.

Although reverse phone look up is often overlooked due to the high use of caller-ID and the lacking use of land lines, it does still have a few great perks. The service is generally free too, and can give you a great start when trying to look someone up. The services in which you pay for can provide even more detailed information which can be great for employers. So the next time you receive a call from an unknown number, don’t panic simply look it up using reverse phone look-up.

Why Your Business Needs a Smart Phone

Smart phones are growing in popularity by the day, and by 2012 nearly 50 percent of all Americans will own a smart phone. Not only does that mean that there will be more people with quick access to the web, but it also means that business owners have a new, quick way to attract attention.
In order to be successful, nearly every business needs a strong web presence, and this can no longer be achieved with just a website alone. To maintain brand loyalty and to reach new markets, businesses are having to include themselves on various social networking sites. These sites provide free word-of-mouth advertising and allow users to feel as though they are an integral part of your business. Through social networking sites, customers can build a community and together support your business.

Unfortunately, social networking sites must be updated ? constantly, especially if you want to keep your followers’ attention. A post once a day will suffice, but the more you can post, the better. Initially posting frequently to Twitter and Facebook was a hassle because it forced you to have to sit down at your computer, compile a post, and then post it. However, new smart phone technology has made it easier than ever to frequently update your loyal patrons about your business.

Smart Phone

With the simple click of a button you can take photos or shoot video with a smart phone, and then quickly edit and upload them to your favorite social networking site. Immediately, your followers are aware of what is going on at your establishment, and may even be enticed to come down for a visit.
Smart phones which support Android also come with some great apps to help you edit your photos and videos to allow you to put your best foot forward. Such apps include:
Adobe Photoshop Express
Retro Camera and Vignette
Camera 30 Ultimate
Phoraf 3D Panorama
Snip Video Trimmer

When choosing a smart phone that you will use to market your business, choose one with a high quality camera like that found in the HTC myTouch 4G Slide, a 4G Slide Android Phone, or the Samsung Galaxy S2. These phones generally have an 8MP camera and other features, such a zero shutter speed, which are needed for taking bright and clear shots.

So whether you use your phone to post a picture of today’s lunch special, or of the band that is about ready to go on your stage, your smart phone camera can be a quick and effective marketing tool that doesn’t require you to stop everything you are doing. There is no need to interrupt your entire day to tell your current customers and potential customers all about your day, instead share a few quick photos and posts from your smart phone, and they will come down to see what all the talk is about for themselves.

Different Updates for Classroom Technology

As technology advances, more people now have access to technology than ever before. The invention of smart phone technology has increased the usage of touch screen technology and wireless availability, and technology is constantly being innovated to fulfill a demand for convenient and fast technology. As the Internet takes a more active role in our daily lives, concurrently technology has also taken a large role in managing our lives. Education is one instance where technology has altered teaching styles and learning platforms, which has created a more inclusive environment for all types of learners.

While it may seem difficult to integrate technology into your current curriculum, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Technology is just the catalyst for your lesson plan, but educators should not feel the need to make the technology the focus of the lesson. Overloaded curriculum and amount of material that an educator must cover does not allow room for these types of lessons. Therefore, any technology that is used should be simple, and complimentary to your unique lesson plan. Here are two options to update your classroom by integrating technology into the curriculum.


Interactive Whiteboards
These tools are useful for multimedia lesson plans, since it’s connected to a computer system and will display anything that can be shown on a desktop. interactive whiteboards can be used in place of whiteboards and flip charts, so even if your lesson only involved a lecture the screen can display PowerPoint. This lesson can be saved for absent students and for future classes.

Some schools have already started using these for students, including an elementary school in Kentucky. There are grants available, funded by the government and educational organizations, to increase the usage of technology in the classroom and effective learning options. Programs available through Apple allow users to accomplice project, write, access the Internet, and download books through the tablet. While the addition of the iPad to a classroom is an expensive option, there are many avenue to make it an affordable choice. This option would also be helpful for student who are visual learners or need to see the information systematically to retain it.

Technology is one way to engage a youth culture that multitasks with many forms of media at home, and also has a greater understanding of computer technology than the generation before. Using tools that they equate with fun activities will increase there interest, especially since the curriculum will be allowed to diverge from the straight lecture format.

3 Simple Ways to Use Free Content to Expand Your Market

The internet is simply just one huge glob of free information. Learning how to design the atomic bomb used to be privileged know-how. The idea that anybody pays anything more than the few bucks a month for internet service in the pursuit of learning anything is kind of ridiculous when you consider just how much information is accessible simply by getting online and looking. While I can’t tell you the secrets of getting the equivalent of MD certification through the World Wide Web, I can certainly open your mind up to some simple ways to take advantage of all the free stuff out there that can help you in whatever pursuit you may be undertaking.


1. Online Encyclopedias
As demonstrated in the last paragraph, you can’t put a price on sites like Wikipedia. I know you’ve used it to look up the starting lineup for the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers and other novelty knowledge, but put it to use for the bettering of your venture. You can learn the whole history and science behind search engine optimization, direct marketing, or anything else to do with business strategy. But don’t stop there. If you plan on making gains in a specific region or would like to, read up on it! Seriously, anything in your life you aren’t sure about, especially things to do with your livelihood, just search for on Wikipedia. I bet you’ll always find an article on it. Still not satisfied? Scroll down to the article’s citations, which are typically accessible themselves online and branch off into specific facets of what was summarized.

2. Video Sharing
Our global means of reaching each other means we ought to think globally when considering our marketing. The multitudes of language in the world can be a problem. Luckily we have videos, and if you know where to look you can not only find thousands that can assist you in learning anything from cooking to calculus, you can find many that can help you start to understand the fledgling rules of other languages. I’m not saying listening to Futbol announcers talk for a few games in a row is going to heighten your Spanish speaking, but finding interactive content that introduces you to new cultures will often help you become more global without you even trying.

3. Social Media
A no-brainer. Using social networks to expand your market is not only easy it’s almost universally free. Not only are social networks by their nature viral in the way they allow the word to get out, participating in the spread of viral information can help you establish your own name even if the content in question has nothing to do with you.

Skip the pricey seminars and expensive language learning software. Don’t waste your time spending money for information and entertainment that the Internet gives you for free.

10 Ways to Effectively Run Your Business Outside the Office

In today’s mobile society, it’s not uncommon for business owners and professionals to travel extensively. While away from the office, however, it’s still necessary to keep business processes flowing smoothly. There are many ways you can effectively run your business when you travel.


1. Make the most of your mobile devices and applications. Not only is wireless network adapters handy, but when coupled with a wireless hotspot, they allow you to connect to the Internet virtually anywhere. These can be used with your mobile phone, iPod, laptop and more to keep you connected.

2. Use your digital camera to share photos that will help clarify instructions to support staff and co-workers. This is an ideal way to verify model numbers, give a clear example of a broken part, and send needed data to the home office and more.

3. Track deliveries and packages while away from the office via the Internet. By knowing your tracking number, you can easily access delivery information online and reassure a customer regarding an order, or verify a shipment’s proposed arrival time before calling the vendor to inquire.

4. Hire a virtual assistant to handle some of the routine tasks you need to do every day. This could include answering email, publishing a company newsletter, placing supply orders and more. The costs are reasonable and the assistance can be invaluable.

5. Take advantage of sites like Google Docs or DropBox to share files and documents, or store them for easy access wherever you are.

6. Use an online or iPhone app like RightSignature that allows you to digitally sign documents via your cell phone or Internet connection. This eliminates the need for faxing or printing and speeds up the process as well.

7. Set up QR Codes, two-dimensional codes that allow someone to use a QR scanner app to access additional information you supply. This is ideal when you want to provide additional product data, discount codes or even more detailed contact information.

8. Offer online versions of your product catalogs and brochures so customers can access the information without you needing to carry a briefcase full of printed materials.

9. Use your iPad or laptop for sales presentations. You can even provide the information on a CD or via email if your customer is computer savvy enough to access the information easily. This eliminates the need for carrying printed materials and lessens the chance of them being damaged by a spill or other mishap.

10. Use an online backup service such as iDrive to keep a backup of all your files and documents online. If needed, you can access the online version via Restore and know that you’ll always have the information you need on hand.

These are only a few of the many ways you can manage your business while traveling. Make use of those that work well for you and eliminate some of the stress associated with being away from the office when there is work to be done and projects to oversee.