Plugin to show “tags” and “edit comments”


We came across these two nice plugins somedays before, and thought of sharing it with you people….

1. wp-cumulus:-  This is an attractive plugin, which displays “tags” clouds using flash.

We can customize it according to the look and feel of our blog.
Here’s what you should know about “WP Cumulus”:(From the authors blog)


1. Make sure you’re running WordPress version 2.3 or better. It really won’t work with older versions. Really.
2. Download the zip file and extract the contents.
3. Upload the “wp-cumulus” folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/)
4. Activate the plugin through the ‘plugins’ page in WP.
5. See “Options->WP Cumulus” to adjust things like display size, etc…

Using WP Cumulus

In order to actually display the tag cloud, you have three options.

1. Create a page or post and type [WP-CUMULUS ] anywhere in the content, but without the space before the last bracket. This ‘tag’ will be replaced by the flash movie when viewing the page.
2. Add the following code anywhere in your theme to display the cloud <?php wp_cumulus_insert(); ?>. This can be used to add WP Cumulus to your sidebar, although it may not actually be wide enough in many cases to keep the tags readable.
3. The plugin adds a widget, so you can place it on your sidebar through ‘Design’->’Widgets’. The widget uses a separate set of settings, so it’s possible to have different background colors, sizes, etc.

2. WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin: This plugin allows your commentators, to edit their comments for a period of time after they leave them.This helps the blog comment moderation easy, as comments left are far sure, what your commentators actually wanted to say. You can see that, this blog does not use this plugin, as it used to make the blog slow while editing. I am very much serious about the speed of this blog.

There are yet many useful and very good plugins, like the above two. We will be sharing all those things as and when we come across and test it a bit. Till then, please share your knowledge and your favourite plugin, in the comment section.


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