Everyone Wins: Giveaway!

I don’t want to see anyone of you guys get disappointed with this contest – so everybody who participates wins something!


Contest Prize
1. High profile bloggers interview eBook(scroll to the end to see the cover page of the book – you don’t want to miss it) for everyone who participates
2. Lucky draw: 500 people will get Rs 10 recharged (Small token of love) + interview Book
3. Blu-ray Ripper software license giveaway: 20 license(lucky draw)
4. android or iPhone app: recover deleted/lost photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos (10 license)
5. Video Converter Deluxe Software 10 license
(..stay tuned for more prizes)

Everyone who participates will win something. So make sure you complete all the task without fail.

How to participate
1. Share this giveaway page on Facebook and/or Google Plus (sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn are optional). You have to share on at least 2 social sites and one of them should be Facebook or Google Plus – in combination with Twitter or LinkedIn. Sharing on Facebook and Google Plus is highly appreciated.


2. Submit your post/status URL in the form provided here: Submit your entry


3. Like all the URLs provided in below table. Again the rule #1 applies. Like/recommend on at least 2 social sites, one of them must be Facebook or Google Plus – in combination with Twitter or LinkedIn. But pushing it on Facebook and Google Plus is highly appreciated.

Sl No URLs Facebook Google Plus Twitter LinkedIn
1 Technotip.org
2 Technotip.com
3 ThinkWithSatish.com
4 Millionaire Mastermind
5 My Profile

You can also stay connected with us via our social media communities:

Google Plus:


You can even signup for our free blog updates(optional):

Sl No Blog Name Singup form
1 Technotip.org
2 Technotip.com
3 ThinkWithSatish.com


I’ll be launching my first premium eBook(Millionaire Mastermind) tomorrow and I want to get some traction to it. I want to help as many people as possible with my work – so giving away interview series eBook for free for all the participants of this giveaway.


Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow June, 01 and I want to reconnect with all my online buddies once again and stay active with blogging.

Blog Blazer Book Giveaway

Some time ago I had written a review about a book by name “Blog Blazer“. Its a book where 40 popular Bloggers share their Secrets, to Creating a High-Traffic, and High-Profit Blog!
Blog Blazer -- the Book

Update:Winner announced. Congrats to @jagan123 for winning the book. Below this article we have added a small video which we shot during the lucky draw, to make the process more transparent.
Thanks for all the participants. We are coming up with another contest soon, and ofcourse with more number of prizes this time.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who seriously want to know and learn from people who have already learnt.
A famous English proverb states — “A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own”.
The book includes the interviews of most famous guys like:
Aaron Wall
Seth Godin
Stephane Grenier(Author of the book.)
Yaro Starak etc!
You can read a short review about the book for more details.

I had an extra book in the shelf, so thought to arrange a giveaway on my blog and give it to one of our readers.

So, without wasting much of the time.
Here are the quick rules for entering the giveaway:
1. Follow me @technotip
2. Tweet about this contest. Use below standard format.

RT:Joined “Blog Blazer” Book Giveaway @ Technotip.ORG.Want to participate? Follow @technotip & visit http://tinyurl.com/bc8pes

3. Stumble any one of the article from our blog. [Optional].
Condition/rule number 3 is optional and will not affect your chances of winning. But please do not stumble this giveaway post.

Contest will end on March 30th and I will announce the winner and dispatch the book on 31st of March. If I announce the winner on 1st of April, people may think that I am trying to make fool out of them! So I will make it a day early and will announce it on 30th of March.
Now you may be thinking that its a long duration or long wait for the announcement of the winner. Yes I do agree with you. But please bare it this time. And the book is worth waiting 🙂

One of the main reason(or concern) to delay the announcement of the winner is, I need to make sure that there are enough people participating. I have seen many book giveaway which go so unnoticed and so boring, because there are no much people participating in it. I am not sure about the reason though.

Please encourage the book giveaway by spreading the word. A simple tweet will not take much of your time.

Blog Blazer Book had been out of stock many times and was a best seller book in amazon. So I think giving this book, will really motivate people to participate.
To encourage more and more people to participate, we have made the entry to the giveaway so simple. Just a tweet will make you qualify for the lucky draw. Remember, stumbling the article is an optional thing. To make it more easier, you just need to tweet about the contest and need not even comment here. But comments are always welcomed. I will track each and every tweet(in the above mentioned format) in twitter and will hunt for the lucky winner 🙂 As usual the lucky draw will be done using the online service Random.org.

The book will be shipped by myself to the lucky winner, to his regular mailing address. It may take 4 to 5 weeks to reach you(depending on your geographical location), from the day I dispatch it.

Please help me in the good cause of encouraging the book giveaway..

Merry Christmas — Winners of the Giveaway Announced

Merry Christmas to all of you..and an advance Happy New Year.


We are excited to announce the winners of our 200$ giveaway.

1. First of all, thanks for all who wrote about the contest on their blog and helped us spread the words around.

2. We also want to thank all our participants.

3. Almost 30% of the people were not qualified for the contest, as they forgot to verify their subscription.

We randomly choose 4 lucky winners and have already sent a mail to them, requesting 125 x 125 ad banners and the link.

So here are the winners..

1. Amit Banerjee

2. 123FeedReader

3. Digisteps

4. StyleIcon9

Congrats to all the winners.

We have sent email to all our winners and waiting for the reply, to know your real name and URL of your blog.

This was our first giveaway(Very small giveaway) on this blog and we learn’t a lot with this contest. So we will comeup with new and improved(with better gifts) giveaway soon.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy Happy New Year to all of you.

$200 Giveaway – Technotip.org Celebrating a Small Milestone

Celebrating a small milestone:
We have reached 100th article on our blog today, with this giveaway announcement. We were writing consistent articles each day, but now due to lot of other works(projects) we are not able to write daily, instead we write only when there is something valuable to say.

We are happy as this blog is gaining some momentum now. And the blog will surly grow in an exponential manner from now. Time is the main factor for the success of a blog. Remember we started our blog on 18th June 2008, so Technotip.org is still a baby blog!

$200 Giveaway:
On this occasion we wanted to “call for action” to our visitors to support us by subscribing to our blog. But we thought to make it more interesting and worth my visitors time. So thought of giving some small incentive for being our reader.

This will only apply for our blogs free email subscribers, as we cannot track the RSS subscribers!

We are giving a total prize worth of 200$.

This is not given in the form of money, but will be given in the form of 125×125 ad banner for one month.

Our sponsors pay 50$ per 125×125 ad spot for one month. Now we are giving four(one for each winner) such ad spots for our winners, to showcase their 125×125 ad banner on our blog, for full one month. So hope you noticed by reading the last sentence that, there will be four winners( will be chosen randomly using www.random.org ).

Eligibility for entering the giveaway:
1. Basic eligibility is, you must be our blogs verified email subscriber.

2. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

3. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

4. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

5. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

Hope you complete all those 5 difficult eligibility criteria! And by now you may be knowing that the winners will be announced on 2008 Christmas.

What if you do not have a blog?
If you do not have a blog, then also its not a problem. Just subscribe to our blog, if you are one of the lucky winner, then we will allow you to run any of your affiliate program banner(125×125) on our blog for one month. And the full profit would be yours..obviously!
You can signup for many affiliate programs and make money from each signup or sales. orelse you can show your social network profile link banner(Ex:- Twitter) and get many friends. By this you can become popular and you can promote your blog(once you have it).
Any other ideas are welcome, but it should not include giving money directly.

Help us by spreading the word:
We are hard at work to provide value to our blog readers as well as our advertisers. So please support us by spreading the word about Technotip.org

Our blog is around here, from this summer and has managed to get links to some of our articles from many “A” grade blogs and websites, this shows that we are providing valuable information to our readers.

You can write about this contest on your blog or just email about this $200 Giveaway to all your friends, Stumble this article, Digg, Buzz etc. There are many ways that you can help us.
Thanks for all the support you have shown to our blog till now, and we hope to have this relationship growing stronger and stronger over time.. Hope I am getting emotional about the blog now. Let me end here. Looking forward to see you in my email subscribers list.

*You can also write about this $200 giveaway on your blog(Appreciable) — Not a requirement.
*Be our subscriber, as many such giveaway and contests are coming soon.

Update: Winners of the giveaway announced. Thanks for all the participants. We are planning to come up soon with some new and improved giveaway, so keep an eye on our blog.