Twitter HomePage Re-designed

Twitter has finally re-designed its homepage. And it has taken upon the search and hot or trending topics as their main objective of the re-design.
To view the re-design, log out of Twitter and visit Only the front page has been changed and everything else remains the same.

Twitter has finally re-designed its homepage. And it has taken upon the search and hot or trending topics as their main objective of the re-design.

Many people use the Twitter website for knowing the latest trendz and for real time search. And mostly use other Twitter clients for tweeting.

Here is a quote from Twitter blog:

Defining a “tweet” for the uninitiated and explaining how to create an account doesn’t resonate with everyone. “Why would I want to do that?” is a common reaction. However, demonstrating the power of Twitter as a discovery engine for what is happening right now through our Search and Trends often awakens a sense of wonder which inevitably leads to a much more compelling question, “How do I get involved?”

Twitter is smart enough and know that they need to keep on working for the betterment of their site and their service by getting constant feedback from its users.

This posts main purpose is to document the old homepage and the first re-design of Twitter.

To view the re-design, log out of Twitter and visit Only the front page has been changed and everything else remains the same.

One dis-advantage, with this new design could be – It takes one more click to get that log in form! Think how many clicks you may need to do in a year or two 🙂

Did you like the new design? or You think the old one was better?

Microsoft’s Bing got blown away by Google’s Wave!

I read an interesting article at Techcrunch today, where they have explained the way Google cheered the developers group with the announcement of its 2 years project Google Wave, which excited developers more than Microsoft’s, not yet live, decision engine Bing!

You can watch the videos below to get the preview of Google’s Wave and Microsoft’s Brand New Decision Engine BING!

Microsoft’s Decision Engine BING! :

Microsoft trying to make fun of Google Search:(I feel its just fun!)

The next Big thing on the internet: Google’s Wave

Microsoft has been testing its new search engine with the code name called “Kumo“. Now this new name “Bing” seem to be better, short name which can be spelled by international audience. But the funny thing is, people in twitter and other places are calling BING as – “But It’s Not Google!”. Its funny, but remember its Microsoft, so it has the potential to do innovation(atleast to certain extent!). Lets wait and give it a try before trying to prejudice(Prejudice is Opinion Without Judgment!)

Google Wave is a open source project and developers are already submitting their info, inorder to get the invitation to start playing with the API. Its basically integration of almost all the web2.0 resources.
People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more over it has a real time communication channel(which can be turned off). And we can make our waves public or private. Public waves are crawl able by search engines.
Anyway, we will be waiting to test both these, different services and will share more things in the future. Mean while feel free to share your thoughts about “Google”, “Microsoft”, “BING” and “Wave”.

Microsoft Testing Kumo! – Rumoured to be new Search Engine

Microsoft is trying all possible ways to get a prominent share in Online Search Market! With its failure in acquiring Yahoo!(which is much of a failure of Yahoo! 🙂 ), Microsoft is said to be hard at work implementing a new search product by name Kumo. Kumo is a Japanese word, meaning cloud and spider. Its still in its testing face and the code name is Kumo, and nothing sure that the new search product will be named as Kumo. Infact is not even accessible to public and is only available inside its corporate network.[One thing is sure that is registered by Microsoft, so the story becomes even stronger 🙂 ]

Source:kara.allthingsd Kumo screen shot — Click to enlarge
Kumo may be a new search algorithm that Microsoft is testing to implement in its live search or it may be just trying to re-brand its live search by making some changes to its live search(with new name). But we are not expecting the same old wine in the new bottle..for GOD’s sake or for Microsoft’s sake!

Have to wait and see whether Microsoft can play any new game or change the existing game! as Google had done with its entry into the search market.

Yahoo! Search turns 5 — May God bless you long life

Its been 5 years after the launch of Yahoo! search.

Good to see Mattcutts wishing Yahoo! on twitter:

Important milestones achieved over 5 years by Yahoo! Search:
• Opened our search infrastructure and index to outside developers with BOSS.
• Opened our search results page to outside innovation with SearchMonkey.
• Launched Search Assist, still the most sophisticated query assistance technology on the Web.
• Launched a suite of mobile search products including Yahoo! oneSearchTM.
• Acquired, grew, and improved Delicious, a top social bookmarking tool.
• Launched Site Explorer to help site owners to manage their presence on Yahoo! Search.
• Protected users from potential viruses, spyware, and spam with SearchScan.
• Integrated music and video players directly on the search results page.

We wish Yahoo! a greater success.

To read the full article, head to Yahoo! official Blog.

Auto Translate Now Available For Videos With Captions + Search Bar – YouTube

Ever got frustrated by watching your favorite celebrate interview video where they are speaking in some language that you don’t know and which is having captions too in some other language ?

Now Google has taken another step, where your videos can reach wider audience. Google Translate adds real-time machine translation to any caption tracks you upload. Now you can enjoy this video spoken in Italian, even if you don’t understand Italian.

To get a translation for your preferred language, move the mouse over the bottom-right arrow, and then over the small triangle next to the CC (or subtitle) icon, to see the captions menu. Click on the “Translate…” button and then you will be given a choice of many different languages.

When you add captions to your video in one language, it will be readable to almost everybody through auto translate. While machine translation is not perfect, but still this will help creators to offer a better understanding of their videos.

Search bar at the top of video:
As Google has started – “To help its video content partners earn more money, YouTube will
begin running overlay ads in YouTube partner videos embedded on other websites”.

So now youtube generates revenue whenever someone uses its content partners video, anywhere in the internet. So now youtube has added this search bar within the video player, and now we can search for any video from within the player and watch it wherever we are!