5 Facebook Tips and Tricks You Don’t Know Yet


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A lot of business owners use facebook as a way to reach targeted customers and to keep in touch with their current customers. If you use Facebook regularly, then you might be familiar with the basic things like creating an album, removing an album, creating a post, or linking a post, etc. But did you know that you can make more from your Facebook using these tips?


Here are some of the common facebook tips and tricks, that you, as a hardcore, or even casual facebook user should know, so you can save time and do less on repetitive Facebook tasks.

1. Access your Facebook chat without going to Facebook- If you need to talk with your Facebook friends and not have a look at what is new with them, you can do so by downloading a desktop client that will allow you to login to Facebook and use it only to chat.Popular Facebook chat desktop clients are Adium, ChitChat, and Social.IM.


2. Hide your online status from selected friends
If you don’t want to be seen by almost every Facebook friends you have you can selectively hide your status to them by doing the following:
1. Go to your facebook Chat, click on friend list.
2. Create a new list and name it BlockList or whatever creative name you have for the people you don’t want to see your status.
3. Add those friends that you want to appear offline most of the time.
4. When you sign in, hover your mouse to the green icon next to the list then click Go offline.

3. Schedule Your Facebook Message to Be Sent Later
Sendible is a great tool to send email in social media at a certain time. This is perfect for social media marketing. There are also other tools, which might help a social media business grow.

4. Bring out the pirate in you or turn your world upside down
If you want some wacky stuffs out of Facebook you can change the way messages are displayed by clicking the link next to the Facebook copyright. By default English(US) is displayed. There you’ll see some wacky English language like English(Pirate) and English(Upside Down).


5. Search in Facebook Like A Boss


Not everybody knows about the advanced searching option that most web search engine has. With these search function, you can sort out and filter what you actually need to see.
user: or users: or people: or name:
List the person’s name of your actual query
ex. user: Kelly Rowland
application: or applications:
List the specific application you desire.
ex. application: Farmville
group: or groups:
Lists a specific group you searched for.
ex. group: 9Gag
event: or events:
Displays only the events you searched for.
ex. event: party at LA
fbpage: or fbpages:
Displays only the Facebook page you need to see.
ex. fbpage: World of Warcraft
the pipe (|)
Use this along with the functions above, particularly when you want to search more than one term to further refine the result.
ex. users: Jhon Doe | Jane Doe
Means: Give me results for Jhon Doe and Jane Doe too.

Using such tricks will help you make more out of Facebook. You can also use these tricks either to impress anyone with your Facebook skills or further aid your social media marketing aim.

About author:- This article was written by Tom george, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom helps people to choose the best web hosting companies for their business site.

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