Ask questions here and Celebrity Bloggers will answer it(an Interview)


There is a good news to all readers….

We will be doing interviews of some of the celebrity bloggers in the future. So you can expect some inspiring articles being published here.

Its hard to interview a Celebrity Blogger, as there will be no time with them to answer everyone’s questions. But still we will struggle and try to do it. For now, the good news is, one of our favorite “Celebrity Blogger” has agreed to give us an interview this weekend( Shhh..suspense!). Cheers….

And we expect lot of Diggs, stumbles, buzz! etc from our readers, to make the interview stories big and to help as many people as possible by sharing these articles.

speak-upNow this article is mainly written to inform you all about the future posts, and we also want you people to participate.
We have already prepared some questions to ask, but we thought that it would be great, if we give a chance to our readers, to ask some more questions.

So please leave some interesting, useful questions in the comment section of this post.

And please remember that, you are asking questions to a “Celebrity Blogger”. Don’t just ask – How to install wordpress? What is your blog income ? What is RSS? etc. Please just don’t ask such questions. You can ask such questions in some forums and get the solutions to your problems.

Ask questions, seeing which the “Celebrity Blogger” should feel like answering them happily and he should also feel good for giving the interview.

You can ask questions like – how you spend your day, personal hobbies and interests, life before blogging, blogging life, where you want to see your blog in next 5 or 10 years time? etc.

Keep in mind that, your questions should be useful to other readers also.

We will include your questions while interviewing the “Celebrity Bloggers”. And we will give you full credit for asking good questions. We will write a special article(with link Love) to thank all people who give us a good question to ask.

And we make it clear that, all questions asked here will not be asked to “Celebrity Bloggers”, we will select good and insightful questions only. And please do not hesitate or underestimate yourselves, every  person on this earth has got his own abilities. So ask questions, even if you do not have a blog or if you have a small blog or no blogging experience. We will surly take your questions, if its a good one.

And please do not ask for the name of the “Celebrity Blogger”, because this will dilute the thrill and more over the interview is not only for one “Celebrity Blogger”, we will use some of your questions to interview some more “Celebrity Bloggers” in the future. While asking questions, think that, you are asking the question to someone who has achieved a big thing in his life and he is good and famous.

Please use this opportunity to full extent and make use of the experience and talent of the “Celebrity Bloggers” by asking relevant questions. Who knows, the answers given by the “Celebrity Bloggers” may become your key to success.
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5 thoughts on “Ask questions here and Celebrity Bloggers will answer it(an Interview)”

  1. CB = Amit ?

    Which questions you have prepared to ask ? If you mention this questions others can ask different that are not included in your list, what do say ?

    I’m sure that, this interviews will bring huge traffic to your blog.

    Good Luck !

  2. Its not Amit and not any other Indian blogger for this 1st interview.

    While writing this article I felt like listing the questions that I have framed, but after that I felt, it would not be a good thing, if the ‘CB’ know all the questions well in advance before the interview.

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