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We are happy to tell that will now be accessible on your wap/internet enabled mobile phones.

When we were observing visitors data in google-analytics, we found that many people were trying to access our blog using mobile browsers. So we decided to bring a mobile version of and as usual, we started searching in Google and finally we found a plugin called WP Mobile Edition 2.1.

NOTE: It works only with WordPress.

This plugin will automatically detect the mobile phone browser and will render the pages of your blog to the phone. The blog will be looking more simple, with just the post titles and links, arranged neatly. So there will be no delay in loading of pages.
And the important thing is, you can monetize your mobile version blog using AdSense for Mobile Content.

And for those who are using some other blog platform(This hack even works with wordpress):

Here is a quick hack…
Just use[feed_address]

replacing [feed_address] by your blogs exact feed address and put a link in your blog. This would enable your blog visitors to view your mobile version on their desktop or in their mobile phones. But the problem is, you will not be able to monetize it using AdSense for Mobile.

There are many companies providing free mobile websites, but they always come with URL attached with it, and you need to pay them to get the URL of your choice.

From now, you can always find a link to mobile version of this blog at the footer.

Please support us, by visiting our blog from your mobile phones, when you are away from your Personal Computers.

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