Google face Lawsuit in India


hate-writingMUMBAI — An Indian, Mumbai-based Gremach Infrastructure Equipments & Projects Ltd Company is demanding that Google Inc. disclose the name of a person who used its blogging service, in a case that could change the way the Internet giant does business in India. The blogger known as “Toxic Writer,” is accused of attacking the Mumbai-based Gremach in what they are calling it as a “hate campaign.”

Many people just feel that, the decision by Indian Court is not fair, but think from the perspective of the company. If the so called “Hate Campaign” is being done by the company rivals or some anti-social elements ?

Indian court is not so foolish to give decision without reading what that guy has written in his blog. Ofcourse this decision will make many bloggers get scared, but don’t worry until you write somethink that has been written after some good research and thinking. Don’t just write to get the attention of others.

The only sad thing is, Google is being sued here. And as usual, Google need to give the private information of the blogger to the court! This will surly scare some of us. Previously we saw, how Google was forced to hand over complete YouTube user histories to Viacom, in a case of copyright issue.

The “Toxic Writer” blog was taken down, and Google’s Indian subsidiary is claiming they are not responsible for the service.

Google has been instructed to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger in a defamation lawsuit filed by an Indian construction company against them, reports the Wall Street Journal.

“One of the most common places for people to sue, because they will generally win, are nations that are or have formerly been part of the British Commonwealth, where there is no First Amendment, and the law looks more toward protecting the reputation of people than protecting the free speech of speakers,” Watson told

“Google which is an American corporation enjoys a great deal of protection here in the United States, but in the rest of the world, it’s subject to the laws of wherever these articles or communications are published,” he added.

What do you think about this issue? Will this be a blackmark on the “democracy of internet” or is this the perfect justice done? or do you think there is someother measures to solve such issues in future. And what would be the future of Google, if everyone and their dogs keep sueing them? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. And remember, people have been sued even for commenting hatred things or wrong point of view! — Does this scare you, yes/no, why is it so ?

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