Why Your Business Needs a Smart Phone


Smart phones are growing in popularity by the day, and by 2012 nearly 50 percent of all Americans will own a smart phone. Not only does that mean that there will be more people with quick access to the web, but it also means that business owners have a new, quick way to attract attention.
In order to be successful, nearly every business needs a strong web presence, and this can no longer be achieved with just a website alone. To maintain brand loyalty and to reach new markets, businesses are having to include themselves on various social networking sites. These sites provide free word-of-mouth advertising and allow users to feel as though they are an integral part of your business. Through social networking sites, customers can build a community and together support your business.

Unfortunately, social networking sites must be updated ? constantly, especially if you want to keep your followers’ attention. A post once a day will suffice, but the more you can post, the better. Initially posting frequently to Twitter and Facebook was a hassle because it forced you to have to sit down at your computer, compile a post, and then post it. However, new smart phone technology has made it easier than ever to frequently update your loyal patrons about your business.

Smart Phone

With the simple click of a button you can take photos or shoot video with a smart phone, and then quickly edit and upload them to your favorite social networking site. Immediately, your followers are aware of what is going on at your establishment, and may even be enticed to come down for a visit.
Smart phones which support Android also come with some great apps to help you edit your photos and videos to allow you to put your best foot forward. Such apps include:
Adobe Photoshop Express
Retro Camera and Vignette
Camera 30 Ultimate
Phoraf 3D Panorama
Snip Video Trimmer

When choosing a smart phone that you will use to market your business, choose one with a high quality camera like that found in the HTC myTouch 4G Slide, a 4G Slide Android Phone, or the Samsung Galaxy S2. These phones generally have an 8MP camera and other features, such a zero shutter speed, which are needed for taking bright and clear shots.

So whether you use your phone to post a picture of today’s lunch special, or of the band that is about ready to go on your stage, your smart phone camera can be a quick and effective marketing tool that doesn’t require you to stop everything you are doing. There is no need to interrupt your entire day to tell your current customers and potential customers all about your day, instead share a few quick photos and posts from your smart phone, and they will come down to see what all the talk is about for themselves.

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