Different Updates for Classroom Technology


As technology advances, more people now have access to technology than ever before. The invention of smart phone technology has increased the usage of touch screen technology and wireless availability, and technology is constantly being innovated to fulfill a demand for convenient and fast technology. As the Internet takes a more active role in our daily lives, concurrently technology has also taken a large role in managing our lives. Education is one instance where technology has altered teaching styles and learning platforms, which has created a more inclusive environment for all types of learners.

While it may seem difficult to integrate technology into your current curriculum, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Technology is just the catalyst for your lesson plan, but educators should not feel the need to make the technology the focus of the lesson. Overloaded curriculum and amount of material that an educator must cover does not allow room for these types of lessons. Therefore, any technology that is used should be simple, and complimentary to your unique lesson plan. Here are two options to update your classroom by integrating technology into the curriculum.


Interactive Whiteboards
These tools are useful for multimedia lesson plans, since it’s connected to a computer system and will display anything that can be shown on a desktop. interactive whiteboards can be used in place of whiteboards and flip charts, so even if your lesson only involved a lecture the screen can display PowerPoint. This lesson can be saved for absent students and for future classes.

Some schools have already started using these for students, including an elementary school in Kentucky. There are grants available, funded by the government and educational organizations, to increase the usage of technology in the classroom and effective learning options. Programs available through Apple allow users to accomplice project, write, access the Internet, and download books through the tablet. While the addition of the iPad to a classroom is an expensive option, there are many avenue to make it an affordable choice. This option would also be helpful for student who are visual learners or need to see the information systematically to retain it.

Technology is one way to engage a youth culture that multitasks with many forms of media at home, and also has a greater understanding of computer technology than the generation before. Using tools that they equate with fun activities will increase there interest, especially since the curriculum will be allowed to diverge from the straight lecture format.

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