Professional IT Services For Financial Services Industry


Professional IT Services Can Help Companies in the Financial Services Industry Handle IT Security Issues

Businesses in the financial services have strict requirements to protect their clients’ data from unauthorized access and loss. By working with a professional IT services firm can provide the necessary systems to secure data and prevent data loss.


Companies in the financial industry constantly manage and collect sensitive customer information such as addresses and bank account details. This is why customers have high expectations when it comes to the type of security that these businesses provide. According to the Ponemon Institute, the finance industry has the second highest churn or turnover rate – the rate that a business industry loses customers who were directly affected by data breach events. The inability to meet client expectations can cause customers to take their business elsewhere.

IT services enable financial industry businesses to prevent data breach and eventual profit loss by performing risk assessment and implementing systems for intrusion detection and prevention. In risk assessment, the IT environment is analyzed for weak points such as inadequate end-user policy for employees, while prompt intruder detection ensures that the IT environment is able to detect unauthorized data access.

This is done through the implementation of strict end-user policies and messaging security systems. These policies include the implementation of encryption codes in the IT environment preventing data loss, theft and other types of security breach. Secure messaging protocols on the other hand, secures communications and networks by ensuring that no one from the company divulges sensitive company information through emails and other forms of communications.

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