AnyWho: Legit Uses for Reverse Call Look Up


Reverse phone look up is a service that many phone users tend to overlook. In fact, many forget that it even exists. However, the service has a few great uses, and can be an excellent tool when dealing with any of the following:

Do you have one number that repeatedly calls you, and you are pretty sure – judging by the 1-800 number – that it is a telemarketer? Well, instead of subjecting yourself to a sales pitch before begging to be put on a no-call list, look that number up using With a quick click of the mouse, you’ll have the company’s name, and you’ll be able to add yourself to their no call list online without having to speak to anyone. And if the company continues to call you, you’ll have its info to turn over to the Better Business Bureau.

Nights Out
Ever have a great night out only to wake up to a phone number scrawled on the back of your business card or on a cocktail napkin? Wondered who the person was whose number you received? Instead of having to call the person and asking awkward questions to get a name, you can simply enter the number into Anywho. You’ll get their name and address and then be able to scope them out of Facebook to determine whether or not they are worth your time.

Prank Callers
If you have a number that repeatedly calls you and then hangs up, reverse phone look-up the number immediately. While prank-callers have greatly reduced their antics since the inception of Caller-ID, there are still those that do it and it can be highly annoying. Instead of being called on repeat at 3:00 AM, look the number up, and the send the caller’s info to the local police.

Random Write Downs
Do you frequently find numbers written in your own handwriting across the tops of random papers or on post-its? Don’t feel comfortable giving these numbers a call to discover who is on the other end? Reverse phone look up the number. You may find that it was your dentists personal number that you forgot to enter into your phone or a co-worker’s number you jotted down a few days ago without attaching it to their name.

Although reverse phone look up is often overlooked due to the high use of caller-ID and the lacking use of land lines, it does still have a few great perks. The service is generally free too, and can give you a great start when trying to look someone up. The services in which you pay for can provide even more detailed information which can be great for employers. So the next time you receive a call from an unknown number, don’t panic simply look it up using reverse phone look-up.

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