3 Simple Ways to Use Free Content to Expand Your Market


The internet is simply just one huge glob of free information. Learning how to design the atomic bomb used to be privileged know-how. The idea that anybody pays anything more than the few bucks a month for internet service in the pursuit of learning anything is kind of ridiculous when you consider just how much information is accessible simply by getting online and looking. While I can’t tell you the secrets of getting the equivalent of MD certification through the World Wide Web, I can certainly open your mind up to some simple ways to take advantage of all the free stuff out there that can help you in whatever pursuit you may be undertaking.


1. Online Encyclopedias
As demonstrated in the last paragraph, you can’t put a price on sites like Wikipedia. I know you’ve used it to look up the starting lineup for the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers and other novelty knowledge, but put it to use for the bettering of your venture. You can learn the whole history and science behind search engine optimization, direct marketing, or anything else to do with business strategy. But don’t stop there. If you plan on making gains in a specific region or would like to, read up on it! Seriously, anything in your life you aren’t sure about, especially things to do with your livelihood, just search for on Wikipedia. I bet you’ll always find an article on it. Still not satisfied? Scroll down to the article’s citations, which are typically accessible themselves online and branch off into specific facets of what was summarized.

2. Video Sharing
Our global means of reaching each other means we ought to think globally when considering our marketing. The multitudes of language in the world can be a problem. Luckily we have videos, and if you know where to look you can not only find thousands that can assist you in learning anything from cooking to calculus, you can find many that can help you start to understand the fledgling rules of other languages. I’m not saying listening to Futbol announcers talk for a few games in a row is going to heighten your Spanish speaking, but finding interactive content that introduces you to new cultures will often help you become more global without you even trying.

3. Social Media
A no-brainer. Using social networks to expand your market is not only easy it’s almost universally free. Not only are social networks by their nature viral in the way they allow the word to get out, participating in the spread of viral information can help you establish your own name even if the content in question has nothing to do with you.

Skip the pricey seminars and expensive language learning software. Don’t waste your time spending money for information and entertainment that the Internet gives you for free.

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