Your AdSense a/c might be in danger


We were looking at our AdSense account and wanted to test a feature in it…” Allowed Sites “.  Login to your AdSense account and click on the “AdSense Setup” tab, there you can see the option “Allowed Sites“, click on it.
There choose “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account“, there, list all the URLs where you are using your AdSense Ads and click on Save Changes. Now just leave it and visit the same page again after a week.

Below the Save Changes Button, there will be a list of “Unauthorized Sites“, which will be using your adsense codes!

Actually its cool right, someone using our ad codes and helping us earn more! But wait, just see who are using your ads? is still a new blog and I was shocked to see even the porn sites Using our ad codes! and many other URLS which required password to access. We just rescued our AdSense account from getting banned, by using “Allowed Site” feature.

allow-certain-sitesJust opt into “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account” option and make sure that your ads are not used on illegal sites.I don’t know what these people will get by including our adsense ads on their blog. By listing our URLs ourselves, we will rescue our AdSense a/c. And by using “Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account”, we will not get paid for the clicks and impressions from other URLs displaying our Ad codes.

Do not forget to list these URLs:-

1. Your sites/blogs/forums. If all these are in the same domain, then just give its homepage URL once.

2. — Google Translator

3. — As people may open your blog from within Stumbleupon to vote/stumble your article.

And keep checking your adsense account to see all those sites which are using your ads, if you see one which is not offensive(Ex:- like Google Translator etc), then just include that URL in your list.

By this you will be securing your account.

Have you used this feature of Adsense? Does this make sense to you? If you have not used this feature, then we recommend it to you all orelse you will be putting your account under risk without your knowledge.

7 thoughts on “Your AdSense a/c might be in danger”

  1. I have not yet used this feature. But, after going thru step-by-step article, I managed to do this and I am content that in one or the other way I have secured my adsense account from being used from misguided people.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  2. Good info mate…
    But the heck is my application is still under review due to Google Guys they are playing with me with Two reasons….
    If one reason is resolved and i resubmit then they send as disapproved with the another reason…
    If that reason got dissolved and resubmitted they send me as disapproved telling the first reason……
    I don’t know why…..

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