Strong Indication of Adsense Integration in Google Analytics


As we logged into Google Analytics today, we saw a popup message. Here is the screen shot(click below image to enlarge):-
Google has become very alert with the privacy policy(after many types of law suits from many people), so its already started asking its users to accept Google Analytics updated polices.

Google Analytics Data Sharing Settings
In order to improve your experience with Google products, Google Analytics is updating its data sharing policy. You now have the ability to share your Analytics data with other Google services (including Google Analytics, AdWords, and Adsense ) and improve your experience with these products. “

I got this popup while trying to navigate between my Google Analytic accounts.

Another option to see these settings(message) is:-
Log into your Google-Analytics account and click on the link “Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings“. There you can find the option to Share your Google Analytics data. Below is a screen shot(click below image to enlarge).


Hope these are some of the strong indication that Google is busy integrating Adsense data in Google Analytics.

After Adsense data is integrated into Google Analytics, we can easily track the number of ad clicks, top earning pages, improvement/decrease in your adsense earnings, CTR, CPM and total number of ad impressions, earnings from the traffics coming from two different links and the page on which the ad was clicked and from which country etc, detailed data can be seen in our Google Analytics account(if we have put the analytics codes into our website/blog).

4 thoughts on “Strong Indication of Adsense Integration in Google Analytics”

  1. @Blogsdna, yes this is an old story and I know that they are already using the data for Google Trends and Adwords, so I think the next big thing would be AdSense integration.
    Recently we have seen many “A” list bloggers talking about Adsense integration in Analytics, so I thought that this(Analytics data sharing policy) could also be one of the strong indication. I was just trying to show that Google has left some clues about its future service.

  2. Still waiting for this option. I hope adsense will be integrated soon. The screenschot of past month that show integration of adsense into analytics looked great.

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