Santa Google has limited gifts for 2008 Christmas!


One of the thread answered by AdsenseAdvisor says:- “We really appreciate the work you all put into building great sites. However, we feel that gift-giving is not the most appropriate gesture this year given the current global economic climate. I know you may be disappointed, but I hope you can understand our efforts to be fiscally responsible in these times.

With all these, some publishers are reporting that they have received gifts from Google.
Here are some of the pictures posted in that same forum.

The gift package are said to be arrived via UPS and included Shirt, a Mug, a Pen, a Mouse Pad and Paper with Google Logo.
But some of them got only the Mug(Better then nothing!).

Each Christmas Google use to send such gifts to some of its selected publishers and advertiser(maybe for those who earn them a lot), but for this(2008) Christmas Google thinks not to spend more(to cut down its budget, due to global economic crisis!). So we think it will limit the gifts only to its top most publishers and advertisers. At the most it may send some greetings to other selective publishers and advertisers.
Above gift images look great. It may be lot cheaper in terms of cost, but gifts are gifts and are usually priceless.
If you want to get something from Google, then get GMail stickers by sending them stamped, self addressed envelops.

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