Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme(s) going open source


Brian Gardner has surprisingly decided to make his Revolution theme open source. This means that all themes will be released under the GPL license and in compliance with standards set forth by WordPress.
The themes that are currently available at Revolution theme site will no longer be available after 12:00 midnight, Friday October 31st.

Brian’s blog also reveals that – On November 1st 2008, a completely new Revolution site will launch. There will be a new set of themes on that website, which will be made available under the GPL license.

This image below, is now like a antique piece in museum:-

Jason Schuller, who runs WP Elements as well as created the Featured Content Gallery plugin, will be teaming up with Brian Gardner on the upcoming Revolution project

Now, I know that many of you are thinking that – Oh man this is unfair to those who have already purchased Revolution theme. but look at what Brian Gardner has to say about it..

For the current All-Inclusive members…
I wanted to add that anyone who has purchased or upgraded to the current Revolution All-Inclusive membership, you will automatically inherit the ability to receive the aforementioned theme package benefits at no additional cost. This is our way of saying thanks for what you’ve spent already.

All these above information are actually taken directly from Brian Gardner’s blog post, head to his article to know more.

I am excited about Brian Gardner’s future projects and I wish him a great success in all his good work.

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