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Celebrating a small milestone:
We have reached 100th article on our blog today, with this giveaway announcement. We were writing consistent articles each day, but now due to lot of other works(projects) we are not able to write daily, instead we write only when there is something valuable to say.

We are happy as this blog is gaining some momentum now. And the blog will surly grow in an exponential manner from now. Time is the main factor for the success of a blog. Remember we started our blog on 18th June 2008, so Technotip.org is still a baby blog!

$200 Giveaway:
On this occasion we wanted to “call for action” to our visitors to support us by subscribing to our blog. But we thought to make it more interesting and worth my visitors time. So thought of giving some small incentive for being our reader.

This will only apply for our blogs free email subscribers, as we cannot track the RSS subscribers!

We are giving a total prize worth of 200$.

This is not given in the form of money, but will be given in the form of 125×125 ad banner for one month.

Our sponsors pay 50$ per 125×125 ad spot for one month. Now we are giving four(one for each winner) such ad spots for our winners, to showcase their 125×125 ad banner on our blog, for full one month. So hope you noticed by reading the last sentence that, there will be four winners( will be chosen randomly using www.random.org ).

Eligibility for entering the giveaway:
1. Basic eligibility is, you must be our blogs verified email subscriber.

2. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

3. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

4. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

5. You must be our blogs verified email subscriber. And should remain a subscriber till 2008 Christmas.

Hope you complete all those 5 difficult eligibility criteria! And by now you may be knowing that the winners will be announced on 2008 Christmas.

What if you do not have a blog?
If you do not have a blog, then also its not a problem. Just subscribe to our blog, if you are one of the lucky winner, then we will allow you to run any of your affiliate program banner(125×125) on our blog for one month. And the full profit would be yours..obviously!
You can signup for many affiliate programs and make money from each signup or sales. orelse you can show your social network profile link banner(Ex:- Twitter) and get many friends. By this you can become popular and you can promote your blog(once you have it).
Any other ideas are welcome, but it should not include giving money directly.

Help us by spreading the word:
We are hard at work to provide value to our blog readers as well as our advertisers. So please support us by spreading the word about Technotip.org

Our blog is around here, from this summer and has managed to get links to some of our articles from many “A” grade blogs and websites, this shows that we are providing valuable information to our readers.

You can write about this contest on your blog or just email about this $200 Giveaway to all your friends, Stumble this article, Digg, Buzz etc. There are many ways that you can help us.
Thanks for all the support you have shown to our blog till now, and we hope to have this relationship growing stronger and stronger over time.. Hope I am getting emotional about the blog now. Let me end here. Looking forward to see you in my email subscribers list.

*You can also write about this $200 giveaway on your blog(Appreciable) — Not a requirement.
*Be our subscriber, as many such giveaway and contests are coming soon.

Update: Winners of the giveaway announced. Thanks for all the participants. We are planning to come up soon with some new and improved giveaway, so keep an eye on our blog.

39 thoughts on “$200 Giveaway – Technotip.org Celebrating a Small Milestone”

  1. Thats a very good idea to share the adspace.

    I have provided my email address and will write about this offer and try to circulate within my small network.

    Mine too is a budding blog and I am unable to post consistently because of the work pressure on my professional side.

    Kudos to ur 100th post. Keep up the good work.

  2. @Team Nirvana, Thanks for willing to circulate about this contest among your network. It will surly help me. And All the Best for your blog, hope you are also a beginner like us.

    @TJ Smartblogtips,@Ayas4india, Thanks for participating.

  3. @Snow , @Pavan Kumar , @OhBlogContest ,@Kris, Thanks for all the good words.

    @indocontest, @jh3n, Thanks for writing about this giveaway on your blog.

    @SYC, Thanks for writing about the contest on your blog. And we take both positive as well as negative feedback’s in a constructive manner and we are committed to improve ourselves.
    About the Title:
    $200 worth Ads Giveaway = $200 worth Giveaway, so I don’t think the present title is misleading in anyway.

    Infact we are investing money in some ad networks to get the traffic(using keywords, to get highly targeted traffic), so the exposure to the advertisers will also be good.
    And I could have given 200$ hard cash as Giveaway, but at the time when we launched the contest, we were participating in Blogging Idol contest and Daniel from DailyBlogTips.com told us that spending money from our pocket is against the Blogging Idol rules. And he confirmed us that giving the adspot as price would not be wrong. So we went with the ad spot giveaway.
    That was the main reason for which we kept the entry of the contest so easy. Just subscribe and be a subscriber until 2008 Christmas.

    Anyway, for some extent we would accept our mistake of getting over excited about a very small milestone(100th article!) – Actually I was searching for a reason to have a giveaway on our blog.
    We would really getback with the good hard cash giveaway soon.
    Thank you very much for writing about this contest on your blog, and showing our mistake. We are committed to learning from all of you guys.

  4. Certainly,

    $200 giveaway is different from “$200 worth” give away!

    I agree, $200 worth ads giveaway = $200 worth giveaway.

    Anyhow, i have subscribed and wish i too ‘ll share an ad spot 🙂

  5. @Dhyarga, You need to be subscribed to our email updates inorder to be eligible for the giveaway.

    @Dhadha,@Vimal,@Jagan,@Dinh Trung,@Vimal Kochar, Thanks for subscribing.

    @betsy, Thank you very much. We are committed to provide value. And we love simplicity and its more satisfying when readers like you notice it and give some good comments.

  6. Hey Satish, Congrats dude. I have subscribed via email and this is first time i have ever subscribed to any blog via email, i prefer rss feeds only.
    But it’s not because of the contest and win $ but to support the effort you making to grow. 100 posts is not a big milestone but still it’s an achievement itself which takes real hard work. Once again congrats and i wish you best of luck, happy holidays, marry Christmas, happy new year 🙂

  7. @Mrsaini, Thanks for your support. I can understand the inconvenience in subscribing to email, when there are so many good RSS readers. Please bare it for some more days(just 4 more days to go). Advance wishes to you too, Marry Christmas and a Happy Happy new year.

    @PC, Thanks for subscribing. Best-of-luck.

  8. Well, Dude i am not really counting the days. Its not the matters of days but the good stuff i cant afford to miss. Like i said, i never subscribe via email, but once i do i am the last person to unsubscribe.

  9. @Lavanya Jagan, Thanks dude. Hope you participated

    @Mrsaini, Thanks for the nice words, and this also increases my responsibility to deliver good,valuable content.

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