All Your Affiliate and Ad Network Report At One Place: Android App

As bloggers and online markers we keep checking our affiliate and ad network earnings report on a daily basis (or atleast once every 3-4 days). I use 3 ad networks and 2 affiliate sites. These sites, sometimes, tend to take a lot of time to load. Then I need to log into my account and then retrieve my earnings (and other data) after digging deep into their User Interface.

Report App on Google Play

Now imagine how much time you would spend on these sites in a year. In 10 years? What if I told you you’ll spend significantly less time in all these hassles but still get to see your earnings report daily. Yes that’s right. That’s what this ‘Report‘ android app does.


Save Time
With this app you configure ones and then keep accessing it automatically each time you open the app – no login needed, no complex UI. You open the app and you can see your earning report of all ad networks and affiliate sites within few seconds.


Graphs and Charts
You can get to retrieve earning report of any date and you also get to see your data in the form of beautiful graphs. This makes it easy to consume the data, with just a glimpse.


Supported Networks
1. Audience Network
2. Flipkart
3. VigLink
4. NativeAds
5. VCommission
6. Payoom
7. Icubeswire
8. adspaymedia
9. digitalsamadhan
10. opicle
.. any network which uses HasOffers software

Going Forward We’ll Add
1. Adsense Report
2. YouTube Earnings Report
3. InMobi Earning Report
4. AdMob Earning Report, to name some ..

Download Report App on Google Play

Your data is stored inside your mobile device and is not transmitted to any server. When you access any affiliate or ad network via API key, those keys will be saved on your device and won’t be saved on any remote server. All your data is yours. We do not access it, nor do we sell it. Your privacy is our priority. Your data is yours and we never access it. We can’t even look at it, as its on your device.

Hope this app saves you a lot of time and effort over time, and helps you do more of what you love – your work.


“I am very impressed with the app( ), I think its a great idea and since publishers work with multiple networks they can save time by accessing and managing all their account details via one app. As a network this would be a good value addition we can offer to our publishers for free. I would recommend publishers to use this useful app and take advantage of the many benefits it offers. And yes the developers have taken care of all security aspect and assured me personally that ‘It is 100% safe and no one else can access user information from it except the user himself’.” – Irfan Danawala, Co-Founder DigitalSamadhan


Official AdSense For Android App: Google Play

Google has finally come up with an official Adsense App for its own Android platform. This version of the app supports android smartphones. Shortly Google will be releasing v2 which will support tablets, Nexus devices, HTC One and high-end popular devices.


The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to access key data from your AdSense account. Access reporting features anywhere, directly from your mobile phone. The first version of the app gives you access to: the key earnings information, top custom and URL channels, ad units and sites reports, payment alerts.

We can set the earning report to autorefresh, along with its refresh rate/interval inside the app settings.

There are many third-party adsense apps on play store / Google Play, that lets you add widget, so that you could see your earnings and notifications instantly. I’m sure Google will offer widgets and more useful features with its upcoming version.

Till then, try Google AdSense App

Are You Using Adsense Mobile Content Ad Unit ?

Many people overlook the possibility of earning via Adsense Mobile Content Ad. My blogs and websites are not directly related to mobile contents – like mobile games, application software, mobile wallpaper, ring tones etc, so I felt like monetizing for mobile/tablet devices will not be fruitful.

After a long time, to give it a try – I added one Adsense Mobile Content Ad Unit on my blog. And to my surprise, there are so many people visiting our blogs via cell phones and tablet pc’s.


Here is how I inserted Adsense Mobile Content Ad Unit into my WordPress blog.
Log into your adsense account.
Goto My Ads tab – Mobile Content – Create New Ad Unit – Get the ad code
Log into your WordPress blog. Install plugin called PHP Text Widget.
Under Appearance – Widgets, drag a new text widget and paste the adsense mobile content ad code and save it.

No Ads?
1. As usual, new adsense ad unit won’t show on your pages. Wait for 10 min and then test your pages by visiting from a smart phone or a tablet PC.
2. Adsense Mobile Ad Unit doesn’t show on implemented pages every single time. It only show ads on relevant pages and to relevant users.

To check if your Mobile Content Ad Unit is actually working: visit your adsense account dashboard and look at the reports after some time.

Note: Only 1 ad unit per page is allowed. And the ad unit needs to be placed at the end of the page. Re-launches, And This Time There Is Something For Everyone!

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The report is all about “10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid“. You may feel – ha again, the list! But I will reveal you a secret, which only Daniel and his first set of students know. i.e., The REPORT contains many key lessons(Modified to suit the REPORT format) that were tough in the first launch of OnlineProfits training program and now YOU are getting it for FREE. What are you doing? Stop reading and grab your copy of the REPORT.


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These are some of the free resources from most credible people. They are experienced and they know their stuffs. if you are a blogger, then these resources are a must read to get your blog to the next level or atleast to enhance your blogging experience.


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2. Authority Rules: The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing by Brian Clark(copyblogger): You can read it in PDF format or on the web. Its completely free and there is not even a opt-in(subscription).Check out Authority Rules here.

3. The Winning Way by Gyutae: The ebook is free, but you will have to subscribe to his email newsletter to be able to download it. Contains short tips. The ebook consists of 118 pages and it covers 500 different Internet marketing strategies and tips. Grab the ebook at The Winning Way.

4. Twitter Guide Book by Mashable: The Twitter Guide Book, a one-stop shop for getting up to speed with everything Twitter, from managing your Twitter stream to promoting a business. You can download the presentation by signing up at

5. How to Build a High Traffic Blog by Tim Ferriss: This is a must watch video about Building Traffic to your Blog. It is a 50 minutes video and covers topics like posting frequency to blogging tools and community building strategies.

Updated:[Adding some more valuable freebies]
6. 102 Proven Social Media Headline Formulas by Chris Garrett: In order to get more stumbles, diggs, bookmarks and tweets, writing a killer headline is a must. As the title of the ebook says, it has 102 headline formula. It contains 102 fill-in-the-blanks titles/headings. It hardly takes 15 minutes to go through it and lot more time to practice and implement it in writing our own killer titles. No opt-in required to download the ebook. You can download it at

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