Advertisement: has turned into a 10 million dollar company (and still growing at a faster phase) in a shot period of time.


We’re happy to let you know that, BSA has revamped it’s User Interface and seem to have made software great and easy to use. With implementation of a nice looking Dashboard which includes detailed earning report, performance report and ad scheduling information. Also Campaign overview and campaign invoice.

New Layout
The new layout seems to be extremely professional and we hope the new features catch-up nicely with the publishers.


You can add new property by clicking on the + (plus) symbol present at the top menu bar. You can find profile settings at the extreme top right.

Todd Garland, Founder of BuySellAds

Todd Garland, founder of hinting about Pro version on Twitter.

With this new Pro(v3) version, we’re expecting something so innovative that it would improve the current marketplace systems for publishers and also helps advertisers to get better target audience for their product/service.
Remember the asynchronous ads first introduced by BuySellAds?

iPhone / android Apps
Going forward with the new release, we could even expect iPhone and android apps to approve / reject ads.

Our wishes
Personally I love BuySellAds.
It has a innovative team, lead by a inspiring person ‘Todd Garland’.
We wish every success to BuySellAds and it’s team in all their efforts.

BuySellAds Pro has not yet been released. We hope to see it in early 2013!

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