BuySellAds PRO Announced


Few days back we hinted about BuySellAds Team working on a new release, BuySellAds PRO as they call it.


Today Todd Garland, founder of BuySellAds, sent out the following email:

Announcing BuySellAds PRO

BuySellAds PRO brings together everything you need to manage your ad space: direct sales, ad serving, relationship management, and overall monetization control. From direct advertiser invoicing to effortless day-to-day management of what’s currently serving, BSA PRO provides the tools needed to earn more from your properties and keep your entire team on the same page.

Under the hood, BSA PRO packs a powerful ad serving API and custom ad engine to help you build never-been-done-before ad products for high-end campaigns, invent new ad formats, and innovate your monetization strategy. Come build with us. The possibilities are endless.

BSA Team has done it again! Innovation as we call it. After introducing asynchronous ads for the first time into the advertising industry, now they are ready with a whole lot package of things which will revolutionaries the industry.

Key Highlights of BSA Pro

Direct Ad Sales: You can take advantage of the innovative ad serving platform of BuySellAds and Sell advertising directly to your advertisers based on your pricing.

This is what I love.
Using BSA ad serving API, now you can innovate with BSA.
Work on your own ad format and your own monetization strategies!


BSA Moto

Anything is possible
The power and flexibility to create better
advertising experiences
BuySellAds PRO gives you the tools to make the impossible possible. Build stuff that’s never been done before. Integrate ads into anything with our flexible ad serving API. The sky is the limit here – the larger the scale, the better.

Roadblocks / Takeovers
In their own words: A roadblock offers advertisers a chance to get a very focused burst of attention for an event, product launch, or just a general boost in their campaign by purchasing all of the impressions during a specific time period across one or more ad units. Using PRO, you can sell concentrated, timed bursts of traffic to advertisers while putting your other ads on hold automatically.

Most publishers only allow roadblocks one or two times per month to maintain their usual advertiser flow. The choice is up to you, and we’re happy to talk about best practices and implementation.

Site Skins
Advertiser can design the image which suites with the theme of the publisher, with the help of BSA Pro’s standard self-serve mechanism this image can be served as the background image of the site.


The skin is clickable, seamless, and premium!

Had enough of DFP?
Got confused with Google DFP? or was not able to get into DFP account due to some stupid error messages?
Whatever it might be: Try BuySellAds PRO for all your advertising needs.




A good user interface is one, which do not need a user guide!
It’s really a PRO.

Other stuffs you can do with BuySellAds PRO ..


Real-Time Stats,
Marketplace connection,
Sell across any medium,
Integrated invoicing and billing,
Sophisticated scheduling,
Custom segmentation,
Multi-user access to sell advertising on your site,
Save notes,
Assign todo’s,
See full purchase history,
Advertiser messaging,


BuySellAds PRO Advertiser CRM

Support for retina display for ad creative.
Support for responsive ads etc etc ..

image & info source: BSA

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