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AdSenseforMobileAdSense for mobile content allows publishers to generate earnings from their mobile webpages using targeted Google ads. Just like AdSense for content, with AdSense for mobile content Google matches ads to the content of your site — in this case, your mobile website. You’ll earn money whenever your mobile website’s visitors click on your ads. AdSense for mobile is available in a limited number of locations.

These ads are available in image only, text only and both image and text formates.

It would have been better, if they had CPM advertising in AdSense for mobile.Anyway, we are participating in the CPC model of AdSense for Mobile and so far it has been a very good experience.

Ad Placement and BehaviorAdSense-Mobile_Ad

* Only one AdSense for mobile ad unit may be displayed per mobile webpage.
* A “double” ad unit can only be placed on the bottom of the page, but may appear above the page’s footer (e.g. navigational links, copyright messages, etc.).
* Google ads displayed on a publisher’s mobile-compliant webpage may not be modified or obscured in any way.
* After a user click, display of the advertiser’s landing page may not be interrupted or prevented in any way. For instance, publishers may not display their own interstitial pages before taking users to the advertiser’s website.

Text Ads

Similarly, there is an image ad format also available. And only one image ad is shown(no multiple image ads can be shown using AdSense for Mobile Contextual Advertising).

There is no preview tool to see the Ads, you will just have to use any mobile phones to see the ads.

And your website must be written in one of these languages..

  • wml (WAP 1.x.)
  • xhtml (WAP 2.0)
  • chtml (imode, etc.)

How are mobile ads targeted?

AdSense for mobile ads are precisely matched to the content of your mobile webpage using the same targeting technology as AdSense for content. AdSense crawlers scan the page to determine its content and then automatically serve ads that are relevant to what your visitors see.

In order for Google to properly target ads to your mobile website, crawler needs to be able to access your mobile webpages. The phone useragent Google use to crawl your site will contain the string “Mediapartners-Google”, so set up your web server to grant access to your mobile content any useragent that contains “Mediapartners-Google”. If you don’t know about the useragent, then contact your hosting company and confirm that, “Mediapartners-Google” is allowed to access your contents.

Also be aware that Google will not be able to crawl your webpages for ads targeting if you are restricting access to your mobile website to a specific set of IP addresses.

If you want to participate in this, but don’t know how to build a Website compatible with Mobile phones, then here is a quick tip for you to get started in minutes -> Create Mobile version of your blog in minutes.

Have you tried AdSense for Mobile ?  Whats your opinion about it ?

Please share with us, whatever you feel about this monetizing technique…

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