Tips to Optimize your Computer


These tips may seem to be silly to many geeks, but most of the geeks also neglect these small things and frustrate later, due to degraded performance of their computer.

All these tips are applicable for the computers with 1GB or less RAM and running with single processors.

But it may help computers with any configurations over time, when there is lot of things loaded in your hard disk and RAM.

1. Don’t install unnecessary driver software….this will increase the boot time.
Ex:- Installing printer drive software, when there is no printer with you.

2. Do not keep more things on your desktop.

3. Remove unwanted software from loading as soon as your computer is started.
For windows users, goto Run -> type “msconfig“-> goto Startup tab -> there properly read the Command lists and uncheck the unnecessary applications running.

4. Select the best and install only required software.

Ex:- Do not use 15 to 20 music player software. Just use 2 or 3 good featured software.

5. Use good anti-virus, which does not slow down your PC speed. We highly recommend using Avast, its free non-commercial Home us and costs some money for commercial use.

6. Do not install the software that comes in internet as a popup. These software will usually slowdown your PC and its effect can’t be removed unless formatting your PC, if its a malware or spyware. As we can never guess exactly, what that software has done to your PC.

7. Do not leave your pen drive, card reader etc in the PC after you have finished using it.

Do not leave any CD or DVD in the drive after the use.

8. If you have put any animated background image to your desktop background, then remove it first. This will be loaded into the memory and will surly contribute for performance degrading of your system.

9. If you are a programmer, don’t forget to close the editors like C/C++, JCreator etc editors before using some other applications. This will slowdown the PC and in some cases, the system any hang.

10. Restart and shutdown your computers at least once in a day. This tip might be surprising for some of you. But remember, many geeks use the option called Hibernate instead of shutdown, so that, they can resume their work from the point where they had left.

This is a great feature, but restarting or shutting down the PC at least once in a day may help in maintaining the health of your Personal Computers.

These are some of the 10 simple tips for optimizing your computers.

But this is not the end. Now I would like to leave it to you. Please share your knowledge in the comment section and let all of us know your tip for optimizing Personal computers. And the list will grow as and when we get some interesting tip by anyone of you.

3 thoughts on “Tips to Optimize your Computer”

  1. In my opinion two more things are also needed for smooth functioning of your computer. The first is any firewall software e.g. zone alarm free firewall is fine enough. It would prevent from unauthorized programs to access internet and one can monitor which programs are using internet and where data is flowing.
    The second thing is one nice anti spyware if the system is used for heavy internet work. Spybot -search and destroy is the best alternative. This program would scan the unwanted entries as well as keep the system fine tuned. More over registry changes by several unwanted programs can be traced and blocked.

    The combination of firewall and spybot keeps the system healthy for long period . Hope you agree.

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