Start early, drive slowly, reach safely


All young guys/girls get thrilled by hearing the word Speed. But we should also know some of the consequences of this thrilling speed before we try to indulge ourself in it. And we all love our vehicles ( Bike, car, bicycle anything for that matter), we take care of it like our wife or children.

You might have heard this line ” Speed thrills, but it kills”. And many of you might just don’t agree with it, as you have never met with such an killing incidents or accidents.

But before adopting the Speedster name and fame, just be aware of the following things….

  1. Think about your loving parents who don’t want to see you dead on the road.
  2. Think about their efforts to bring you up to the stage you are in now.
  3. Think about the pain you get when you get into troubles after an accident.
  4. Just visit and see some of the patients in the hospitals who are suffering from the accidents.
  5. And remember that, while you are driving fast, you may also kill some innocent people(it may even include aged or new born) on the road.
  6. Think about anyone who really loves you very much. And never think that, nobody in this world loves you. In case there are no one in this world who loves you, you should develop such a character(good) that, whoever meets you should fall in love with you and everyone should aspire to be your friend.
  7. And think about your girl / boy friend. They will be having worst time in their life, if something happens to you. And if you don’t care for it, then you are not a perfect one for your girl/boy.
  8. Care for all those who care for you.
  9. Vehicles are to be used to get maximum benefits from it, and your speed must not trouble anyone.
  10. You may get fined by cops.
  11. You may get jailed. And it may cause unwanted troubles for all those who belong to you.
  12. High speed is even bad for engine of your vehicle.
  13. You may become a permanent handicap and a permanent burden to your family people. And may lose the hope in your life and your ambitions.
  14. Fuel burns more when you drive very speed. Remember, don’t use any methods which consumes more petrol or diesel, even if you feel your life isn’t worth anything, petrol certainly is.   Without fuel, almost all factories, companies will have to suffer a lot and will surly affect its economical position. And this will surly be a great problem to the next generation(or may be to our generation itself, who knows what exactly is the future? ). The only alternate is to find an alternate to petrol and diesel. Anyway, we can also contribute to the solution by driving slowly and consuming the extra unnecessary burning of fuel.
  15. You may think that, you are looking cool while driving fast, but the reality is…..wise people will really be having a big negative impression about you.
  16. And those who are sitting with you inside your vehicle, while you are driving, will surly don’t like your speed. And you should be caring about their safety, as they have come with you, believing you.
  17. While driving fast, small accidents may cause big impact and big damages.
  18. You won’t get anything after reaching a place too early. You may just endup wasting all the time that you might have spent, if you had not met with an accident.
  19. Think about your Career plans. Will you just leave all your career and life plans, just for the sake of speed driving.
  20. Those who drive fast will not be able to take correct decisions as soon as they come from a fast drive. This is a psychological fact and will surly affect your business.
  21. Trying to be cool among friends and relatives, you may endup looking like a fool in any of the hospital or may be in any of the jail.

Speedster-cars-vehiclesIf you are participating in any legal racing competition then its an exceptional case, as there will be lot of precautions taken well in advance.

And most of the youngsters get influenced by the speedsters in films and advertisements. But bare in mind that, they will be having all sorts of training and precautionary steps and lots and lots of rehearsals and retakes(re-shootings) and more importantly they will be having a very good camera man and technicians.

Another thing that may influence us is the Games. Hope almost all of us have played games like Need For Speed Most Wanted. Yes, its a nice game. Getting inspired by any game is a common thing, as it involves lot of graphics. But you should also remember, how many times you have been caught by cops in the game and hope you can’t even remember the number of times you have met with accident in that game. Its a game and speed is OK there, but please don’t play with your and especially others life in real life by showing your craze for Speed.

You might be a perfect rider and may be best in controlling your vehicle at any speed. But remember, there are always almost endless reasons for an accident to occur when we drive fast.

  • Someone else on the road may get scared seeing your speed. And may come on your way by mistake.
  • Some dust particles may go into your eyes suddenly and you may create disaster, if you drive fast.
  • Humps or speed breakers may also contribute to accidents when you ride fast.
  • Some innocent animals like Dog, pig, cat etc may come on your way suddenly.
  • Small children and old people or handicap people may come on your way by mistake.

like this, there is a long list, where someone else may contribute for an accident, when you are driving fast.

If you drive slowly, you can almost control your vehicles in most of the cases. And even if you met with an accident while driving slowly, the damages caused will be comparatively lesser.

If you believe that, when death is written in a persons fate, then he will die anyhow, so lets don’t care about driving fast. This would just be a foolish excuse.

You might have heard the saying:

With effort and prayers, destiny can be attained. Start the effort.

Like wise, we should not give any excuses, we should just put our 100% effort. And the rest leave it to fate.

We know that, every living being born on this earth will surly die one or the other day. This is a universal truth. And the Irony of life is: “Everybody wants to goto heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

I can just put some horrible pictures and videos of accidents here, but I am not here just to scare you with this post. But I want to convey that, driving your vehicles fast is not good. And I will be very happy, if you adopt the mantra ” Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach Safely”.

There will be no necessity to drive faster, if you start early. And by driving slowly there is more chances of reaching the destiny safely.

Always remember your responsibility towards the society. Following these small responsibilities will really make a country safe to lead a happy life.

You must see the people suffering from accidents live in any hospitals, until then you can’t really know the value of this post.

“Please forward this article to all those people, about whom you really care. You could be saving some of them, by making them read this article. By forwarding this article, atleast, let them know that, there is someone who care about them.”

3 thoughts on “Start early, drive slowly, reach safely”

  1. This is a very mindful reminder and I appreciate that. But even if a person leaves *late* it is still awesome to drive responsibly.

    Like my Mimi used to say: “Better for you, Samsara, to arrive late than for the late Samsara never to arrive.”

    If you just think about “How important is it anyway?” whenever you feel like you need to speed to get somewhere…It’s never as important as your life.

  2. My mamma always says drive slowly drive slowly but I never listen because when I or anyone else is driving slow all the other peoples make fun of us that we don’t know how to drive… That’s why I never listen my mom …. But when I m driving so fast I face an accident and its harmful… So then I realise that getting late is good then save our life ..bcoz life is only one and I wanna enjoy it…I don’t wanna split it..

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