Phone Recycling – a Smart Idea, for a Good Cause


If you are living in India you might have come across an ad featuring Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, where he endorse Nokia and its phone recycling work.

Message from the ad: “For every recycled phone, Nokia will plant a try.”

I was curious to know, whether there are any other companies out there doing this work already. Just Google and found a website SellMyMobile.

The difference is, Nokia will probably scrap the phone and make new phones using the recycled materials from your old phone.

Sell My Mobile is a mobile phone recycling comparison service that allows users to get the best prices possible when they come to sell their mobile phones. The site lists the most valuable phones and the most popular phones to be sold.

The process of selling your old mobile phone seems to be easy and takes just few minutes. All you need to do is type in your mobile phone’s model number into the search box and pick the best price that is returned to you. You will then receive a freepost address to send your phone away and a cheque will drop through your letter box within a few days. It really is that easy to sell mobile phone handsets with Sell My Mobile.

I also saw ebay and other places, but the price for the old phone was low and the third party website doesn’t seem to take care of the transaction – except taking their piece of price(service charge).

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