25 Reasons to start a Blog


Here is a list of advantages of having a blog..

blogging-late-night1. Share personal opinions more openly, with more freedom. We can learn to express ourselves freely.

2. Everyone’s voice has value.

3. We can share our knowledge.

4. Blogs…as its name suggests (logs), can be used to store the information that will be useful for yourself and others in the future.

For Example:-

We do lot of research while writing some of the articles. And as human nature, we may forget the things. So writing an article about whatever research we have down, will be accessible to ourselves and our readers any time. And this will also help for the further research works.

And sharing our research and results with our readers and getting their comments(interaction) and feed back will also help in improving the further research works.

5. We can also make money out of our blogs, to cover the hosting and other expenses. And if taken seriously, with dedication and consistency you can also make more money. The advantage is, you make money by doing what you love doing(blogging).

6. We can build good relationship with other people of similar interest.

7. We should keep in mind that…“Exchange one dollar, we both have one dollar each. Exchange one idea, and we will be having two ideas each.”

8. Our writing skills are improved very much after we indulge in blogging for atleast 6 months or 1 year. You can observe it yourself.

9. Thinking capacity will be high.

10. Knowledge in a wide variety of topics. Even though you may be blogging in a particular niche, but still you will surly be reading some of the posts of your favorite bloggers, which are totally about someother niche.

11. Ability to thinking about the pros and cons. Normally people think in one way, but the bloggers always think about both pros and cons. This may sometimes, be an advantage in your personal life also.

12. Willingness to help others. Before starting this blog, I was wondering, why would people be so eager to help others(in forums, blogs, social networking sites etc), by investing their time for no money in return!

13. You can learn different marketing strategies.

14. Having a blog, sometimes, makes us to be more active in forums, social networking sites etc. And more importantly, we will try to be more polite and more helpful. And we will become more interactive.

15. Having a blog makes us get hooked to internet more. And all most all of us will get inspired to think innovatively. And all most all the bloggers have some goals set for their life(outside blogging life also).

16. As our blog grows and as we start acquiring more and more feedburner readers, we will be having some more responsibility, as our articles will be read approximately by this much people. So we start acting and thinking more responsibly and professionally. This would also improve our social life.

17. Respecting others thoughts.

18. As time goes by, we will learn a lot of technical things about the internet, to maintain our blog, to troubleshoot some small problems ourselves.

19. Increases confidence about our opinion, when we see positive comments from others.

20. We can learn to take the negative feedback from our readers positively. This will help a lot in our daily life.

21. To go along the line of a blog can land you a job opportunity, especially if it attracts a wide readership and you become recognized as an expert in your niche.

22. We can learn more about ourselves. As we keep blogging, we can learn about our interests. Our point of view. And we can also realize, what we like and what we hate. Until starting a blog, many people even don’t have time to think about themselves, their interests etc. Now, while blogging, you do your job(blogging), and still you will be able to know all the thinks about yourself(over time).

23. And the amazing part is, we can get trustworthy friends from all over the world.

24. You can be busy always. You might have heard that, “Empty mind, is devils workshop”.

By starting a blog, I think you can be busy all the time, in a constructive work(blogging).

25. You will turn into a personal consultant for your friends and family.

Bloggers keep reading things in their RSS reader and emails newsletters, they will be helping people and getting help from others. In the journey they will accumulate lot of ability to take decision. Friends and family can notice that, by seeing the changes in your behaviour(you may not notice it). And finally they start calling you for some advice in buying something or to ask some solution for their problems or atleast to tell you their problems(as they think, you are the only one person on this earth, who will surly listen to their problem without interrupting them!).

25th point is my personal experience and this may be with wrong or quite opposite for many of you.

And all these depends on the niche and the reason for which you have started a blog.

These are my personal opinion and experiences. Please share some of your views and experiences in the comment section, and let all of us know, how blogging has influenced your life.

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  1. main reason for blogging is the passion for it. Other reasons assist like an impulse but without passion the fire burns out. What say? also free blog hosting is a pain. Also newbies should spend some money and go for personal domain space.


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