Keeping lot of things on Desktop — Not Ideal


Now a days 2GB of RAM has become the minimum requirement. And with 1GB or below RAM, if you keep lot of icons on the Desktop means the system will slow down.
Previously my desktop was also filled with many shortcut icons, many folders(which I needed frequently), and many notepad files, some games and some music files. Totally, my desktop was filled.
And I could observe that, the speed of my computer(with 512MB RAM) was getting slower. And the browser opening time also took longer time(which is the most irritating thing for me).
So I just moved all the files on my desktop to some other drives and made my desktop look clean. Now I could observe that, the speed of my computer has been restored.
So keeping many things on the desktop would slowdown performance of the computer(which has RAM below 1GB).

And having lot of icons on desktop, will make us mess up with the things and we end up not looking at many icons and forget it over time. So arrange all those important files in a folder. Learn to manage all your files in a systematic manner. It will be difficult in the beginning, but after you get used to it, you will be using all those important files without forgetting. And this practice would make you more productive.
Following such simple techniques will surly make you more productive over time and this could even save much of your time.

Keep all the image files in one folder, music files in one and the blog related files in one folder, and that too in a separate drive. This will ensure that, you won’t lose it in case you need to format your hard disk(only the drive where you have installed the OS), if there is a sudden failure in Operating System(OS).

And when you require any image for your blog, you can just search one folder and you may find a better one, than what you were looking for.

And make it clear that, there is no perfect way or one best way to organize it. It just depends on how you use and what makes you comfortable. So you think yourself rather than following some “A” grade bloggers procedures.

And remember, you may be having high configuration computer with you, but you must also learn the management skills, to manage the files on your computer. You may feel that, whats the big deal in managing computer files? But the real difficulty comes when you have large and very important files, that you want urgently. To get the things as soon as possible, you must learn and practice to manage the file in some self defined conventions orelse you may repent some day!

And send me( ) your desktop screen shots, after re-arranging the things. And it will be featured on with a linkback to your blog in the future post. And you can also write some points about, how you manage your frequently needed files(This will also be posted in the future blog, along with your desktop screen shot).

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