Making Desktop icons unclickable!


April Fool Prank, with the help of Computer – Just for fun

Step 1: Goto Desktop. Press Ptr Scr [Print Screen] button. This key is usually present after the F12 key or above the Insert or Home or Page Up keys. Now right click on the desktop and goto “Arrange Icons By” and then uncheck “Show Desktop Icons“.
Step 2: Now goto ms-paint application or any other paint applications. Click on Edit menu, and click on Paste option. Now save the file in some folder.

Step 3: Now again right click on the desktop and select “Properties“. Select Desktop tab. Now click on browse button and select the image saved, in step 2. Click on Apply and Ok.

That’s it. Now when your friend tries to click on the icons on the desktop, he will not be able to do that, as those icons are images and not the actual icons!

Remember, people who do not know much about computers may get stuck with this trick, but do not irritate them for long time, as they may try to fix the problem and create a new one which even you can not detect and fix πŸ™‚

Be responsible while making fool of some one else. Try to make it just for small fun and do not make it to hurt someone’s feelings. Have a great, fun filled April(2009).

3 thoughts on “Making Desktop icons unclickable!”

  1. small but pretty enjoyable prank, the only obstacle is that you have to access someone elses computer to make it work, which is probably the hardest part πŸ™‚

    1. @smashill, yes, most of the time we need to access others computer, to fool them. But we can set this prank on our own computer and whoever tries to use our PC(Personal Computer), will be caught in the prank πŸ™‚ But hard to get them, on April 1st πŸ™‚

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