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Note: This Clinic is provided by Google India and is only for Indian Webmasters.

There is no mention in the blog post by GoogleIndia that only Indian webmasters are allowed to submit their sites. But it can be clearly understood, because its announced on Google India Blog. And in the registration form, its clearly mentioned that the Clinic is open only for Indian webmasters.

What’s it all about ?
Search Quality team at Google will analyze websites submitted to the clinic and has planned to offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility for your website in Google’s search results.
So how do I submit my site and how much would it cost!
You can submit your website/blog to the clinic for free. And the submission will be open from Jan 6th to Jan 20th , 2010. Also not that, not all submitted sites will make it to the analysis list. This is quite obvious, as there could be lot of submissions and Google Team will even have some other works to do!

Eligibility Criteria
1. Your site must be registered at webmasters tool. This is to ensure that, you are the actual webmaster of the website that you are submitting.
If you have not registered to webmasters tool, don’t think it as a burden. You may ignore submitting your site to clinic, but do not ignore to register at webmasters tool. Its free and very useful tool for any webmaster.
2. Your website must meet all the quality guidelines of webmasters tool.

Also note that: By submitting your site you agree to the use of your website as an example in future blog posts under site clinic banner, by GoogleIndia.

Submit your website here.

A Humble Request
If you are submitting your website/blog to the clinic OR if you feel it will help your followers in Twitter, then please make sure you Tweet about this article. Thanks.

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