Moving Your Website and Worried About Google! ? – Don’t Worry


If you are moving your old website to a new domain or from blogger to your own domain name. Make sure you follow these steps.

It’s very simple. (This helps only for webmasters who have submitted their previous website to webmasters tool.)

1. Setup your new domain.
2. Apply 301 redirect(from your old site to the new one). 301 redirect tells search engines that, the site have moved permanently.
To make the 301 redirects you can refer Apache Tutorial, if you are using apache server. It would be a safe thing to contact your web host before making any changes to your htaccess file.

3. Add your new domain to the WEBMASTERS Tool. Verify it.
4. Now in webmasters tool, select the old website and see the details.
5. In the left-side side bar, click on the “Site Configuration” and in the sub menu, you can see a link “Change of Address“. Click on it.
6. From here, every thing is self explanatory. Make sure you have followed all the steps mentioned there.
7. Now click on the drop down menu, in “Tell us the URL of your new domain” and select the new domain name. If your new domain name does not appear here, then you have forgot to add your new domain to Webmasters tool. Just add it and verify and again do as directed above.

8. Keep checking for the data regarding your new website. You can submit sitemap of the new website and keep watching for the indexing of the content.

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