Download YouTube Videos Officially

Everyone knows that video sites can be addictive. So YouTube had been the 4th most visited site for many years.
It comes to no surprise that people like to watch videos and want to download it to their computers or some other video players, to watch it offline and whenever they want to watch. There are many sites and software to fulfill these needs, those sites and software are also very popular.

Recently YouTube has officially announced that it is now giving video owners the chance to offer their property for download, either for free or for a small fee. Furthermore, the videos will be assigned to a specific Creative Commons license, which will govern how and where they can be reused and altered. Payment for the purchase of the videos will be made by GoogleCheckouts(Ofcourse) and a new My Purchases tab, which is already been incorporated into everyone’s account, will allow you to keep track of what you’ve bought.
You can also visit the Google help forum for any clarifications and recent modifications.
Now does this move from Google(YouTube) make any difference to you? Hope not! As many people use to download the videos using some thirdparty software and websites. Now this move will surly hurt those thridparty software and website owners to certain extent 🙁

Since the purchase of YouTube, Google have been paying a lot for the maintenance, development and lawsuits coming on its way!
Hope its trying to get back some money. Recently Google started showing sponsor ads on its homepage, which pay them a lot. It launched adsense for video to adsense publishers. After that it started embedding ads into the video. Now its giving the authority to its users(uploaders — it means the owner of the video!) to charge some fee or to give it away for free.
This move will certainly attract some business people in this niche to get started with YouTube, as they constantly search for some means to get the customers for their videos.

Update:Download this video” link is not seen below every YouTube video because this feature was not available at the time of upload of those videos. New video uploads will have this, if the owner(one who uploads) of the video is willing to give it for free download.

Does this official announcement make any difference to you? And do you think there will be more active users who will be willing to give their videos for Free ? Please share all your opinions about YouTube(The largest Video portal in the internet).

Free Microsoft Software for Students

Microsoft DreamSpark Student Program, gives free software to college and high school students worldwide, and has now expanded to India. Bill Gates was in India and among other initiatives, he launched the DreamSpark program for all technical students in India.

If you are a student(anywhere in the world) then just go ahead and check whether your country is listed or not. If listed:
Sign In using your Windows Live ID. Get verified as a student. The system is linked to schools and organizations around the world that can confirm student status. Simply choose your country and organization, enter your info and hit submit. Download your products. Some files are quite large, so make sure you have the bandwidth and enough space to bring them to your machine.
It supports the latest versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox for your download.
Other Free Tools:
If you are in India, you can download it online or else visit the Microsoft program partners like NIIT, Aptech and Hughes Net Fusion Centers – Simply show your college identity card and collect your free DVD containing the Microsoft software package.

Eligibility(To get the software for FREE):
Undergraduates or graduate students with their college ID card, are eligible to receive free software.
*They will expanded this exclusive offer to high school students(of India) by early 2009.

This program is active in many other countries. Checkout, to know whether this offer is available in your country or not. If this offer is not available in your country, then wait till Bill Gates comes to your country! or just send a request to include this offer to your country students, hope Microsoft will here it.

[ Don’t be surprised, if someone(refuse to give you the Free Microsoft software DVD) at the Microsoft program partners like NIIT, Aptech and Hughes Net Fusion Centers do not know about this offer by Microsoft! Just bring them to this article and show them all the websites link we have given in this article. ]